Xbox 360's Lost Odyssey Sells 40k in First day sales in Japan while Uncharted for PS3 sells 7k

An impressive first day sales for Xbox 360's Exclusive title Lost Odyssey.

Else where No More Heroes did not sell to expectations with only 10k sold and Uncharted in with 7k.

Tales of Innocence (DS) : about 75k (About 50% of shipments)

Everbody's Golf Portable 2 (PSP) : about 40k

Lost Odyssey (360) : about 40k (About 50% of shipments)

PowerPro-kun Pocket 10 (DS) : about 20k

Yuusya no Kuse ni Namaiki da (PSP) : about 15k

Gintama: Gintama Quest (DS) : about 15k

No More Heroes (Wii) : about 10k

SILENT HILL ZERO (PSP) : about 10k

Virtua Fighter 5 Live Arena (360) : about 10k

Uncharted (PS3) : about 7k

Yakuza 2 (cheap edition) (PS2) : about 7k

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Feihc Retsam3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

How different tastes are between Asia and the U.S.

xaphanze3875d ago

Asia?You mean Japan.I have the American taste.My fav genres are FPS and TPS.My friend however has the japanese taste(RPG lover).
My favourite RPG was oblivion(american).

unlimited3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

WOw, for a JRPG game Lost Odyssey sells like crap!! the biggest flop of all time in Japan compared to blue dragon and enternal sonata(no wonder this game is coming to the ps3)..Everybody should know now that JRPGs doenst do good on the xbox360 for uncharted it was expected to do bad in japan since its third person shooter game and japanese people have different taste over there..

EDIT-LOL..i know the truth hurts..but no jrpg will help the 360 over there..all of it flopped..Enternal Sonata sales will do better on the PS3 count on it..

barom3875d ago

didn't blue dragon do better?

socsca3875d ago

Uncharted isn't fps. Troll

Rick James3875d ago

WTF are you talking about? The Xbox 360 has a total of 510,000 owners for Japan. It sold 40,000 copies of Lost Odyssey on it's first day. Thats almost 8% of the 360 user install base for the first day alone. Considering the Xbox 360 and it's games dont sell very well in Japan, I would say thats a great start for Lost Odyssey. Thanks for trolling. You failed horribly, good luck next time.

Oh and nice spin job on Uncharted. Lets not even go there. Seeing as how the PS3 has an install base almost 3 times as big as the 360's and it's best quality game to date only sold 7,000 on it's first day. Thats not even 1% of Japanese PS3 owners. Thats not even half a percent. Need I go on?

SlappyMcTaint3875d ago

vgchartzzzz is fcking fake! this is not news!

BLuKhaos3875d ago

soc,even though he was trolling he never said that uncharted was a fps(first person shooter,he said it was a tps(third Person Shooter).

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predator3875d ago

good sales for a 360 game.

what are they thinking with Uncharted at 7k?

SDFm3rc3875d ago

with 7k for Uncharted predator? Surely that figure must be out of sync? If it's true though, wouldn't it mean that ALL of Sony's AAA titles have failed miserably this year in Japan? What's going on?

predator3875d ago

it could be true, japanese gamers like their weird games or rpg's, i was suprised halo 3 sold well in japan, but they really have downgraded themselves now with uncharted at 7k, thats unthinkable for that game.

perseus3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

and I understand why people wouldn't want it.

It's a visually stunning game, but the demo just wasn't that fun (for me obviously, I'm not making a sweeping generalization). I can't get used to TPSs, so that's probably a part of it, but look at GRAW for PS3. It's doing well at most stores here that I've been to.

Now, I'm not into RPGs, I'm more into GT, FPSs, and strategy games, but to me the low sales make a lot of sense.

edit: I love you guys. You disagree with someone when they explicitly state that what they said is their own opinion.

mikeslemonade3875d ago

After Lost Odyssey there won't be another japanese exclusive game for the 360. The PS3 is just starting one being VF5(also on 360 but does it matter), Hot Shots Golf, and most recently Dynasty Warriors. Enjoy your lead while you can 360 fanboys. :)

gEnKiE3875d ago

Ummm...why do you compare Lost Odyssey with Uncharted? Do I sense a fanboy here?

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MK_Red3875d ago

Pretty strong debut for a 360 game. With Wii's WiiFit and PS3's GT5 along with 360's Lost Odyssey, this week's next gen battle will be really epic in Japan.

sonarus3875d ago

lost odyssey is as good as an xbox 360 system seller in japan as you'll get for a while

unlimited3875d ago

Strong?? It is really a weak sales coming from japan and LOst odyssey is jrpg game..srry.. uncharted it was given that it will do bad....i know now final fantasy viii and versus will not be going on the 360 unless they want it to flop big time!!

Rikitatsu3875d ago

after lost odyssey , there will be no more AAA+ japanese Titles to hit 360 until maybe late 2008 ?

shmee3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

considering Oblivion sold 50k on x360 on the launch day. This was x360s last cry.

NG2 wont make any impact in Japan since the Japanese dont like Ninja Gaiden .

NGS is the highest selling sequel of NG and it sold roughly 100k so NG2 wont make an impact since it is also on x360 -- a console that doesnt sell in Japan and Europe

@ the BOT below

360 is non existent in EU except in some parts of UK. However things have changed after Uncharted made its debut ----Uncharted is the no1 selling game now ---uncharted is pounding sales does ps3 ---x360 non existent ...ps3 right up there in the charts ---x360 non existent..ps3 right up there

and ofcourse u can get rough estimates from Vgcharts too

Everything in UK changed after SINGSTAR and UNCHARTED were launched

dont be illusional garbage BOT

predator3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

shmee - u have no idea what u are talking about, 360 does sell in europe, just not as good in spain and germany, in the uk its 360 and the uk is one of the biggest markets in europe, dont go post stuiped comments like that again.

the ps3 and the 360 will both do well, leave at that

Edit: u r one sad sad little boy. what you just said there is tripe, u make people owning a ps3 look bad

resistance1003875d ago

@predator Ninja Gaiden Sigma isn't that big in japan.

sonarus3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

nah ninja gaiden wnt sell close to what lost odyssey sells unless they increase their install base. their next best chance is more rpg's. ninja gaiden didnt sell that well on ps3 though it was a remake but black didnt sell well there either and neither did the original xbox 1. you can disagree or be a reasonable individual and check sales data on vg chartz. sigma is the highest selling ninja gaiden in japan with about 90,000+ sold the original ninja gaiden sold 80,000

Snukadaman3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

had too jump too another continent for positive news...hahahaha on topic...i dont care what anyone says...lost odyssey did quite poorly...but uncharted did abysmal...with more ps3's then xbox 360' just goes too prove that japan is so uninterested in next gen it aint even srating too be funny any poor shmee..predicting 200K of sales of uncharted ok shmee...NA cant even pull in 200k in 3 weeks and magically they will in europe...go pound sand shmee.

@rickjames...I own both a psp and a ds...I havent been putting in the time i use too...but i take either one with me wherever i go and i get some time playing some puzzle quest..but i have zelda and still havent finished it..both handhelds have plus and minuses for both....but if i had too pick i would pick my you feel you can do something.

Rick James3875d ago

I just cant believe that Shmee still has 3 bubbles. We all know it's Nasim with a new account. Last time I checked this article was about first days sales numbers for new game releases in Japan. Try to stay on topic Shmee in stead of spreading your FUD about Europe.

As for this topic. Judging by these sales figures the handhelds have really taken over the Japanese videogame market. Maybe it's time I broke down and got a handheld too. Am I missing the boat on this? Maybe its a preference thing. I would just rather play HD videogames on my LCD HDTV in the comfort of my home. Does anybody have any good feedback on the handheld vs console debate?

razer3875d ago

Shmee = owned

No love for DudeRaider in Japan?? (i kid)

poet2153875d ago

Okay, if Nasim is secretly posing as Shmee............then what's your previous screen name? Being that your first post came on 11-19-2007, & Nasim's last post came 11-1-2007.

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green3875d ago

Great news.this will give the 360 a temporary sales boost.