New PlayStation app emphasises a blue re-branding

aGamingSite writes: 'Sony show of their new re-branding from the advert and trailers in their updated app'

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DA_SHREDDER2549d ago

Blue suits them well. Oled screens on the Vita, and bluray, first console to use blutooth. It only makes sense

Habylab2548d ago

Yeah, it's quite nice. Appeals to families more than blood red or monotone black!

TheShow172547d ago

I like the blue. Does anyone know when the app will be on the Android market?

Soldierone2547d ago

If you search it via going to the market on your computers browser you can grab the one the UK released. Along with the PS1 titles etc... but i haven't bought any yet so it could block you who knows.

a_bro2547d ago

I've always associated the brand with blue since the PS2 days.

Horny2547d ago

The blue is much better then the red they started using with the slims or just black when ps3 first released. Blue worked out well for the ps2.

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The story is too old to be commented.