Sony Ericsson phones to get motion control

A simple wave of your hand.

Sony Ericsson cameraphones could be equipped with motion controls in the future. The iPhone has already revolutionised the way in which we interact with our phones, but a new patent could point the way to the next trend in interface design.

According to the patent application, you would be able to answer the phone just by flicking your wrist, or control what tracks are being played by waving your hand. After gesturing in front of the camera lens, the phone would decipher your action and react appropriately.

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Multigamer3881d ago

interesting to see where that goes

shmee3881d ago

they rule the HD TV world and the gaming WORLD

MOBILE TV biz would also become their area of dominance

although ERICSSON is the top selling mobile phone in many parts of the world

pwnsause3881d ago

this is a great idea. imagine that.

BloodySinner3881d ago

Ironically, the image used for this story is the phone that I have.

funolopy3881d ago

people are becoming really lazy these days-

just makes me wonder what would happen to humanity should a global disaster destroy our lifestyle....... asteroids anyone?

everyone will perish because no one remembers when we had to fend and survive in the wild, or use it to our advantage...... anyways technology forward!!!

KILLERJAK3881d ago

I got the Sony Ericsson W580i and i think it already has motion Senseing to change music tracks so they already kinda did it I hold the walkman button down and do a hand gesture to change a song so i dont know if anyone knows this but ya Sony has done it ^.^.

spandexxking3880d ago

yep ive got that phone and i use it a fair bit actually.

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