EA: FIFA is biggest game of 2007, Pro Evo 'faltered'

Football title hits a million sales; Publisher says Pro Evo has 'faltered'.

Electronic Arts has proclaimed FIFA 08 as 'the true entertainment launch of the year' after the game achieved one million sales in the UK after just nine weeks on the market.

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jromao3792d ago

PES 2008 is better than Fifa by large gap even with some issues, not forgeting Konami still working on online fix, so, PES 2008 will be even better.

jackdoe3792d ago

Tell that to all the PS3 owners who got screwed over by PES 2008 this year.

gololo3792d ago

dude im a ps3 owner...and the game plays fine, but i know some people have some issues, but even with these issues, I find FIFA to be really ez and too arcadish...PES still takes the crown for best soccer game....although Konami needs to raise their game by fixing the remaining issues and working on the next one...and a word of advice, PES has been a PS franchise, so to all those PS/PES followers, the fact that the 360 version plays a little better is a slap in the face...maybe they shouldve paid more attention to the ps3 owners...and if is because of the install base of the consoles then "soccer" is not that popular in USA, soooo...

angel199x3791d ago

more like "failed".

I had PES2008 but it just didnt feel like a next generation game to me. It is probably the worse of the series IMO. I went back to playing PES6 and it just looked as good as the ps3 game..and played alot smoother and was just a whole lot more fun. Konami better get their act together, I'm sick of half assed jobs...