Day 3 of Steam Holiday Sale is Now Live

Steam has announced that day three of the Steam Holiday Sale has gone live.

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Farsendor12526d ago

rage 14.99 im not sure if its a daily or it has been on sale but it should be on the main page.

CBaoth2526d ago

And it shows just why as PC gamers we should never buy any consolized port Day1. Let pubs recoup their investment on the backs of console mongos and we'll gladly contribute to their profit margins instead at a more civil price point. A friend of mine paid $130 for the privilege to play these games the first week; I waited 6-8 weeks and paid $40 lol!

DeadlyFire2525d ago

Click on it and it tells you when it ends on the game's Steam page.

NYC_Gamer2526d ago

nothing for me today.could someone name any good new indie games?

Ducky2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Trine2 if you like Co-op.

EDIT: Yea, it can be played single-player, but it's *kind of* like LittleBigPlanet as SP is fun, but MP or Co-op is where the real fun is at.

Otherwise, check the indie bundles (Humble/Gala/Royale), they'll keep you occupied for some time.

NYC_Gamer2526d ago

does it have single player?

TheBeast2526d ago

Trine 2 does have single player.

Farsendor12526d ago

just noticed rage is 14.99 is that a daily deal also because its not on the main page

maawdawg2526d ago

Not really new but Dungeon Defenders is great (even at $15, it is currently $7.50, but will probably be less before the sale ends). Space Pirates and Zombies ate up a bunch of my time and is on sale.

As was said above go get the Humble Bundle. Right now you can get 12 full games and their soundtracks for well under $10. Shank alone is in that pack and it would have cost your $15 by itself earlier this year. Plus, it is partly for charity and that is always a good thing, especially around the Holidays.

Bastion is still somewhat reduced but I have seen it cheaper, and that is a great game as well.

Dungeons of Dredmor is also still on sale from yesterday for a couple more hours. For under $2 it is one of the best roguelikes on the market. I don't regret a full price purchase on that one.

maawdawg2526d ago

I forgot Terraria. That is another great indie game and it just got a monster content patch. For $5 it is a steal

Farsendor12526d ago

bought dlc for batman,defense grid,swords and soldiers,never winter nights 2.

i think this was a great day i would buy f1 2011 but i don't really like buying racing games over 10-15$

Perjoss2526d ago

problem with steam sales is I already own everything I want from steam, anything I buy in the sale is stuff I dont really want and I'm only buying because its very cheap and maybe one day when I'm bored I might play it.

kcuthbertson2526d ago

But Steam can hardly be blamed for that...

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