Eurogamer Gives 4/10 to Wii Tomb Raider: Anniversary - Play PC, PS2 or Xbox 360 Versions Instead

Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson writes:
"I still love Lara. My love was strong enough to survive all those times in Tomb Raider PSone where she walked off ledges and swam into walls and missed ropes, even though she wasn't. It was strong enough to survive Angel of Darkness and those awful films, and it's strong enough to survive Tomb Raider: Anniversary on the Wii. If you haven't played the PC, PS2 or Xbox 360 versions, do. They're brilliant. This isn't."

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MK_Red3908d ago

It's funny how some devs make the Wii ports way better while some others make them worse than terrible.

I'd heard some positive news about Wii TR:A but it seems they were wrong and TR:A's devs belong to second category that can't port games to Wii.