Gamings Best Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers have almost been extinct from the industry in recent years, as they're seen as a wildcard that's not worth wagering. If done correctly, however, cliffhangers can catapult any games popularity up to the top, as the sheer hype it induces is intoxicating. In the past we've seen numerous games try to gift us with jaw-dropping cliffhangers, but which ones really succeed in doing so?

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xxxAnubisxxx2548d ago

Kratos is king... Should have been #1

TheFallenAngel2547d ago

He is the god of war well former.

JLesinski2548d ago

Good article. I love me a good sequel set up by a cliffhanger

Mario0072547d ago cliffhanger ever! Considering,and this is a huge spoiler, you realise that the whole first game was just a giant set up for the sequel

HarryMasonHerpderp2547d ago

I liked that too.
made me realy want a sequal!