OnLive is Capable of 1080p And 3D But Networks Apparently Are Not

One of the questions that we hear on the forums almost on a weekly basis, is that of OnLive and when we could finally see 1080p. Most gamers don’t realize that if OnLive had a choice, 1080p (1920×1080 resolution) would have been available for their users a long time ago.

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wlchrbandit2554d ago

Well, only as fast as peoples internet connections.

SKUD2554d ago

Current consumer residential network infrastructure is poor. Unless you're willing to pay up the nose for it and locked into a long term contract.

If ISP's get there way and impose data caps on consumers as well as other pending issues regarding network activity services like OnLive will close its doors. There future is still up in the air with no leg to stand on yet.

DA_SHREDDER2554d ago

I live in the middle of nowhere and pay for 15 mbps yet I get 28 mbps. You guys must live in a congested area or something? I have cable, and ran online on my new but slow 1 ghz laptop without any hicups that I wouldn't see on consoles. I think you people on N4G need to chill out and look for better options. I wont lie, it took me a long time before I found a good internet, but they are out there. BTW, I only pay 51 dollars a month for phone and internet, so its not expensive.

morkendo2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

love my ps3 console dont care how fast onlive growing or what the heck it has to offer it'll never reach my house. physical disc. here to stay for me. DLC nahhh, thats for the birds.

2pacalypsenow2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

onlive is crap the games quality is crap looks like im watching a heavily compressed video and im using fiber-optic internet

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