Mass layoffs at Australia's Auran? The official word from the CEO

Over the last couple of days reports have been circulating the Internet that the Brisbane, Australia-based developer Auran is laying off a significant proportion of its staff, largely – it was suggested - due to financial difficulties that have arisen as a result of the recently released PVP MMO Fury performing poorly at retail. Staff were also allegedly told that further development may be outsourced to China.

After hearing the reports IGN got in touch with staff at Auran in search of clarification and an official statement. Tony Hilliam, the CEO of Auran Games, was kind enough to oblige, and yes, it turns out there's a fair bit of truth in the rumours.

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Zhuk3942d ago

Auran is a great Australian Company and I wish them the very best in their busineess ventures. However Fury is a dangerous gamble in an already saturated MMO market, especially for a small Australian games company