Gears Killed the Video Game Star - Graphics First?

This week, 411's James McGee laments the attitude of "graphics first, everything else second." He blames one game for the problem: the reigning graphic-whore champion, Gears of War. He uses Heavenly Sword as an example of "graphics first", and Halo "2.5" as a counterexample.

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Crazyglues3878d ago

these days graphics are just about everything, the more visually stunning a game looks the better.

Don't get me wrong it still has to play good, but having an unreal graphic feeling really pulls you into the game.

So I can't see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

Feihc Retsam3878d ago

It's the very first thing anyone ever knows about a game that they've never heard of before...

If an ad is run on TV for a game, you can't gather exactly what the gameplay is like, or how the story plays out, but you can tell if it looks like sh*t... and if that's all you get out of the ad... well, you're not going to buy it.

As for GEARS going with "Graphics first everything else second"... I have to disagree.

Graphics were a big push for GEARS, but the game also controlled very well and it was just stupid fun to play... I don't know of very many people who regret purchasing it.

PS3PCFTW3878d ago

gears also killed a sh1tload of 360's.

watch out!! take cover behind that wall!! rrod at 12oclock.........quick use the chainsaw!!

HarryEtTubMan3878d ago

Gamtrailers has said Uncharted is "EASILY" the best looking game on the market. Ripten has gone as far to say Uncharted "TRUMPS" Gears of War in EVERYTHING. Textures, water, lighting, animation...they said EVERYTHING. Ign also agreed saying this was the best looking game out. Stop trying to hang on to the past XBOTS. And unfortunately... Gears 2 will look better than 1 but Resistnace 2 is gonna blow it away. It will running 2 times the speend of Ratchet and Clank. Not a little faster than UT3 on PS3. hahaaaa

DrRage773878d ago

do people like you really have nothing better to do that to keep coming back to these forums and making dumb comments like "just wait, the next game coming out that hasn't even been seen is going to be the best looking game ever!!!" really make yourself look absolutely foolish with comments like that. how many times have people come on here and said things like that. when a game comes out on the xbox360 and gets great reviews, sony fanboys keep coming on here touting games that HAVE NOT EVEN BEEN RELEASED and saying they will blow away the current 360 game......but as of yet, i have not seen anything from sony's released games that are worth buying, and apparently neither do ANY sony fanboys since all the games they hyped (Ratchet & Clank, Heavenly Sword, Lair, etc.) have all BOMBED IN SALES!!!!!

Hades13373878d ago

Gears was just as awesome to play as it was the see in action. In fact, UT3 looks better than Gears, and is more fun to play as well. Some games have been a victim of graphics first like Heavenly Sword, but then again Uncharted is the best looking console game on the market and is a hugely enjoyable game.

Danja3878d ago

I agree but Heavenly a great game one of the best i've played all year.

and he only prob the game ran into was having a dead line to meet which ended up with the last 2hrs of the game feeling a litte rushed.

Marceles3878d ago

I wouldn't use "halo 2.5" as a counterexample...that game wasn't graphics first, but the gameplay wasn't all that revved up from previous Halos, they basically said "here's your favorite game Halo, take it or leave it". Gears is still an incredible game as well, the differences between Gears and Heavenly Sword is that HS feels more repetitive, there's more of a variety of enemies types in Gears, multiplayer to make the replay value of Gears better as well as achievements, and Gears was short but alot more difficult in my opinion. But also, if HS never had those "Graphics first"-type graphics...everyone would be talking about how crappy it looked and having 50 page threads of PS3's first party graphics sucking...HS was a good game but repetitive, short, and the only reason i'd play it again is to remember how good the game looked and how many enemies at a time the game could handle. To sum it up, Gears has the full package everyone likes in a game.

games4fun3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

gears, i played it a lot, the graphics are great but the coverstytem from killswitch was perfected on it. The gameplay is really the whole reason why i like it, the graphics of dismembered bodies is just a plus :)
the only gripe i have is that there are no dedicated servers because usually a host has a ridiculous advantage i dont know how many times i used to hear the term "host shotgun"

PS3n3603878d ago

First off let me say that I played it for the first time last night. Really enjoyed it, the controls work fantastic, BUT! this game is not the graphics king. Gears absolutely smokes Drakes in the graphics department. Anyone who owns both consoles knows this as fact. Some things look great like the moss on the rocks, the water is good. Drakes clothes getting wet and drying off is pretty slick but the vegetation looks really bad popping out of a blurry ground plane and blades of grass spaced 2 feet apart, the fact that all the veg is swaying back and forth all the time drew my attention to it over and over again. Drakes character model looks pretty bad as well with very little detail almost like a Tony hawk skater from last gen. It is great looking but not the best by any means. This is just my honest opinion and if your honest with yourself you would agree. Still a solid game worth a buy though.

okcomputer3878d ago

I own both, and am "honest with myself". Gears still looks better overall, but does not "smoke" uncharted in visuals.

PS3n3603878d ago

yea your probably right. I was thinking about it and when gears came out it was mind blowing. Drakes comes out a year later and everyone is desensitized. I guess I just didnt get that "holy sh1t" feeling when I played drakes for the first time like I did with GOW. I suppose thats the point of this article.

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mighty_douche3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

when both machines are advertisted as HD gaming with unreal graphics what do you expect people to criticize first? Also with the internet allowing us to see games so early people tend to judge a game on its first release screen shot.

personally i like a compromise. While Gears looked/looks amazing it doesnt play amazing (great but not amazing). My opinion mind.

Monchichi0253878d ago

Gears of War was and is still si one of my favorite games of all time. That is why it won so many Games of the Year award.
"So many stupid people in this world, and no one to eat them!" lol

PS3n3603878d ago

To me Gears is the game to beat. So damn addictive. I played it for a year straight with only a few hours of Skate mixed in. It has been a year and PS3 still doesnt have a Gears of War. Graphically I think HS looks as impressive maybe even more than gears but gameplay wise not my thing. I know PS3 is going to get its masterpiece which is why I bought one but it hasnt happened yet.

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