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New Reports Indicate Sony Shipped Only 500,000 PlayStation Vita Units

As it turns out, Sony actually shipped 500,000 PlayStation Vita units at launch. This new report, which runs contrary to earlier rumors of an intial shipment of 700,000 units, comes from IGDA Japan vice coordinator Kyoshi Shin in today's column for Nikkei. (Industry, PS Vita, Sony)

El_Barto   1435d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
smashcrashbash  +   1435d ago
@ El_Barto. Does everyone on this site just repeat the same $hit over and over again. Since when does the VITA have to make a dent in the 3DS market. Nintendo fans will buy the 3DS no matter what.Do you think they care if the VITA is better or if it came out 10 years from now? Sony is going for the PlayStation crowd.Those people will buy the VITA. Do you think if Sony sells 75 million VITAs like with the PSP they will care as much as you think? $250 multiplied by 75 million equals Sony smiling all the way to the bank.
Rynx  +   1434d ago
Don't bother replying to El_Barto, he's the lowest form of troll. I don't know he hasn't been banned yet or not down to one bubble? (Mods must be on vacation)

The trolls are in full force over SONY's new handheld launch, I mean look at Frankfurt's (below me) ill informed and pathetic comment. He thinks he achieved something there. You can tell how old someone of these people are though, the weaker their troll attempt, the younger they are.
DSI  +   1434d ago
Ironic, you really don't sound any better than the guys you are complaining about.
Rynx  +   1434d ago

Typical, a piss poor attempt of making a claim without any backings to it, in a lame attempt to call me out.

Here I'll help you out though. If by making the statement that I don't "sound any better than (those) guys" is in reference to the omission of the word "how" in the sentence, "I don't know (how) he hasn't been banned yet..." or the grammatical error in the sentence, "...someone of these people..." then you somewhat have a point.

Yet, I fail to realize how grammatical errors put me in the same level as obvious, FUD spewing troll attempts? But since we are going the route of making claims without backing them, it "sounds" to me like you are defending low-level trolls, and no one ever looks good doing that.
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BluEx610  +   1434d ago
Man when did the gaming world get into so much shit talking to each other. Thought we're all adults here. We need to explain our opinions/facts, and debate reasonably. but people now a days just like to talk a bunch of shit.

OT: Shipped $500,000 for Japan only right? I say that's pretty good, since it'll be sold out. They'll keep on shipping more.

Can't wait to get my PS Vita on day one. I hope Vita does well so Sony can continue making portable consoles. MvsC 3, UC, KZ, LBP, Resistance, and CoD is what I'm hyped to play on the go.
Bull5hifT  +   1434d ago
dont I Feel Special, Writing this withone hand on my Vita sitting on my lap and the other holding anice cream cone
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Bundi  +   1434d ago
That would be awesome if VITA had no production cost, plus do you think they are gonna keep it at 250 its entire lifetime? Don't be absurd. Software is where these companies make their money.
Frankfurt  +   1435d ago
Just Sony aritifically inflating numbers. Just like counting free bundles as "sold" to inflate the numbers of games their first-party titles like Uncharted 2 to make it seem they sell as much as games like Gears.

Sadly, the NPD proved it otherwise just the other day.
plmkoh  +   1434d ago
Sony actually deflated the Vita numbers, with initial reports indicating 700k and now it's 500k.

So what's your point?
Silly gameAr  +   1434d ago
He very rarely has a point. Just one of those generic npd cheerleaders that obviously doesn't like the PS3, but thinks PS3 owners actually care about what he thinks.
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DonaldBeck  +   1435d ago
The more news i hear about the vita the more i want it.
DragonKnight  +   1434d ago | Well said
Ever since "the media" claimed Sony apologized for Vita problems, I haven't and will not believe a single word that these media outlets have to say about Vita. They could tell me that the Vita is a black handheld device that plays games and I wouldn't believe them. It's true, but I wouldn't believe them. That's how bad gaming journalism is these days. It's so far in the crapper it's not even funny. There is absolutely no journalistic integrity or accountability in gaming journalism, so who the hell cares what they say anymore.
Silly gameAr  +   1434d ago
PshycoNinja  +   1434d ago
+1 bubble for you for being intelligent.

I agree. The gaming media has zero integrity and never man up when they are wrong. They throw so much crap to the wall that when one sticks they run with that and when the rest dont they hope people just forget about it, which usually does happen. Here's my metaphor for the day:

When a monkey throws S*** at you, are you really paying attention to that one piece of crap that hit the wall or are you paying attention to the next one he is going to throw?
MasterCornholio  +   1434d ago
Sony only apologized for issues with tech support. And some how the media turns that into what you said. Which is Sony apologizing for massive hardware failures. Seriously if the problems with the hardware were so bad wouldn't there be a million articles about it already?

Sony is doing a great job with the Vita and some people are hating them just because if that. Guess no one likes it when Nintendos position in handheld gaming gets affected by the competition. When in the end competition is a great thing to have.

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jneul  +   1434d ago
I remember when 3DS came out as well it had a few teething problems as well, a few of them bricked on updates, and allsorts, howver the problem was small and under the acceptable failure rate, just as there is only a definitive unlucky few psv owers out there right now, seriously i know of 4 confirmed failures, 4/5000000 (0.0000008%) is a good failure rate and i wish the media would not blow things out of proportion, tlike they never did with the 3DS everyone seems to hate on SONY it seems, however a 30% failure rate of a non-mentioned console consistentantly gets swept under the carpet, its so fair isn't it??
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josephayal  +   1434d ago
500,000 WOAAAA impressivee!!

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