Nintendo pulls Wii ads due to high demand

Marketing Week - 06-Dec-07:

"Nintendo, the gaming giant, has been forced to pull ads for its Wii console in the run up to Christmas as demand is already too high.

The campaign for Wii, created by Karmarama, will be replaced by ads for its handheld console, Nintendo DS.

The company says that it has been forced to pull the ads because retailers have been running out of consoles and it would be irresponsible to continue with the campaign."

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ruibing3909d ago

Well, that makes sense. Marketing campaigns are used to increase demand for a product, but the Wii already has a large excess demand. So unless they want to increase the price of Wiis so that the demand matches the current supply available, there is no point in paying for those ads. Those ads were basically just driving up the price of Wiis on Ebay.

wiizy3909d ago

nintendo still did something bad... keep the ads running.. so no one even think about the ps3 or xbox360 for that matters..... nintendo needs to keep the wii's coming

rofldings3909d ago

Why? Some people want a gaming machine, not a toy, for christmas.

PS360WII3909d ago

yeah they want a gaming machine which is why everyone around the world wants a Wii.

The Maverick3909d ago

why won't anybody see the truth

Lord Cheese3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )


PS360WII3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

LordCheese - is an understanding member ^^

Lord Cheese3909d ago

fair enuf - was a bit of a stupid comment to be fair.

i've edited it

PS360WII3909d ago

cool cool man. Yea I can understand why people don't like the Wii and yes the name still gets me. lol.

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riksweeney3909d ago

They didn't need to pull the adverts, they could have simply changed it to

Nintendo Wii, good luck getting one this close to Christmas

SimmoUK3909d ago

there advertising campaign has really done it for them they showed games and people having fun with a motion controller..

just a shame that there not a hardware company so they cant make as many as Sony or Microsoft...

personally i thought about the wii but i've heard the gimmick wears off really quickly...

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The story is too old to be commented.