PS Vita has 3G region locking

With the highly anticipated PlayStation Vita recently being released in Japan, there are sure to be a lot of folks out there that will import it so that they don’t have to wait.

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disturbing_flame2523d ago

Well that's pretty normal according to the fact the operator is local.

DJMarty2523d ago

Exactly why importimg was pointless

nevin12523d ago

There is a wifi model.

Max Power2523d ago

Cellphone hot spot + wifi vita = victory for $50 less!

Bull5hifT2523d ago

what if i put an [email protected] sim card in this thing when it gets releasedin the us in feb 15......i wanted to look into buying the best portable 4g hotspot there is, soo far im loving this beautiful piece of machinary ,but im pissed off play~asia is taking soo long for my 32GB and Uncharted , im thing about trying another site, hopefully it'll be here early january

danhese0072523d ago

Euro Vita comes unlocked

Chrono2523d ago

This is like the SIM lock in smartphones, isn't it?
Anyway, I have a MiFi so I don't care about 3G.