Heavenly Sword sequel gossip

Eurogamer reports:

"Those of you hoping Sony and Ninja Theory plan to revisit Heavenly Sword would have been encouraged by a launch event for Andy Serkis' new games industry networking organisation Games Eden on Wednesday, where a spokesperson for Ninja Theory repeatedly and perhaps revealingly referred to the developer's only PS3 project to date as "Heavenly Sword 1".

It's not the first hint we've had that Ninja Theory plans to make more than one Heavenly Sword game. Earlier this year, co-founder Tameem Antoniades said in a podcast that the original idea had been a "three-game story", and that the second phase of that is already written. Indeed, that there was "no reason why there shouldn't be a sequel".

Heavenly Sword - one of your favourite PS3 games to judge by the reader ratings on our gamepage - is an action game that follows red-haired fighter Nariko in a big old battle against naughty evildoers, upon whom she unloads quite a lot of spiffy and well-framed violence in glorious detail, and with good cut-scenes - to which Andy Serkis (of first paragraph fame) obviously contributed."

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gamesblow3945d ago

The game has sold like 350,000 copites... Maybe they need to hold off on that follow up and get their finances in order, don't you think? I mean, please... the game tanked when in retrosect... Well, wait... no it didn't. See, if we look at it like this... If we look at it like Heavenly Sword competing with only ps3 games... then the game did pretty good. It sold nearly 400,000 units. Basically, 95% more than any other ps3 game.

However, if we look at it in terms of sales across all platforms... The game bombed. And bombed really hard. Same with all Ps3 games, though. Resistance and Motorstorm aside. Those sold extremely well, so I don't get why Sony has a problem selling top level games like Lair, Heavenly SWord, Folklore, R&CFTOD and Uncharted.

I really don't. Oh, that's right.... they wanted to push blu-ray all year and now that they have blu-ray where they want it to be they can move on and focus on the gaming aspects of the system. Thanks Sony! Been a wonderful year!

Vojkan3945d ago

I dont know what you are talking about, with European and Japan sales this game is close to 600k. It sold better in EU than it did in US. It has long legs, and it is one of the games that will continue to sell as more PS3 are sold.

ruibing3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

It got a lot of negative press for being a short game of 6-8 hrs, though its pretty much the norm for a lot of games nowadays. They didn't really focus as much on the amount of details and the quality of the game. In essence, it was basically released at a time when most of the media were pretty much against Sony. It did pretty well for itself out there in the cold.

QuackPot3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Ps3 owners are picky or have varied tastes + smaller install base.

They don't just buy any game made - no matter how good it may be - for their console of choice. I know many xbox 360 owners who don't hesitate to buy most games released and then quickly trade them in for another.

And if a game is short and limited by replay value or MP online then don't expect mega sales; and even more so if with no marketing or bad - clearly biased - reviews.

Instead expect great rentals.

I'm a diehard SP gamer and never play online but can clearly see the sense - financially - of including at least MP or online play for games release for the Ps3 to increase the attractiveness of the game to a buyer.

It's a shame the 5 million odd Ps3 owners are so picky. They are missing out on great games like HS, R&C, Folklore and UC. Unfortunately, even UT3 will likely also have less than stellar sales. What a pity.

Cheap b'stards. Support these companies making such great games. Or they might end up like EA, who have started to favour that other console because they're making a lot of money with it.


There are certain games that every Ps3 owner should have - no matter how long or short it may be. Just like a film that you've seen and then buy the DVD for your library, there are a handful that we should all have permanently in our game library for the involvement, enjoyment and amazement we got from each one of them.

You know what games they are. Then buy them damn you!

shmee3945d ago

It will reach a million copies in its lifetime

@gameblow----are u talking about NA sales / total sales

in terms of total sales HS is around 600k ....thats a great number.

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Kain813945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

and i cant wait for the Sequel.
Heavenly Sword rules^^

Edit: Heavenly Sword needs more Advetisment, but the Game is Very Beautiful. and one of the best games on PS3.

aftrdark213945d ago

It was a great game. I loved it and can't wait for a sequel. It was really underrated but still a very good game.

mighty_douche3945d ago

WOW imagine how sweet the 2nd would look! *drools...*

rushbd3945d ago

it was short.

which is a problem that is not too problematic to solve in a sequel. With similar affort and a little fighting engine tuning I think the sequel can be a AAA in its own right.

yes disagree if you want. but anyone who played heavenly sword will tell you the same thing.

QuackPot3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

Vary the combat(especially devilish AI) so it's not repetitive


considerably lengthen the gameplay and/or add MP online.

These are all that are needed make HS2 a truly AAA franchise.

Oh, yeah. Bring back Nariko.

name3945d ago

Heavenly sword has already passed the 500,000 mark. They've reported this already.

gamesblow3945d ago

Heavenly Sword passed 500,000??? I wasn't aware of that. I thought it was still in the 300,000's about to hit 400,000. Well, eitherway... it might've been a moderate hit it still wasn't what they were hoping it'd have been. I'm sure it'll hit a million if it's already at 500,000 but the game was riddled with flaws. Lots of them.

Vojkan3945d ago

Next week it will pass 600k.

bruiser813945d ago

@gameblow: All games have flaws, the thing is depending on the game there are those who like to overlook those flaws. I only flaw i found in the game was its length. Do you even own the game BTW or are you going off of what you heard?

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