Top Ten Christmas Video Games

Casually Hardcore offers up 10 christmas feeling video games. There are games that just have that christmas feeling to them either because they are set at christmas, feature snow or were just released at that special time of year.

So come in from the cold and play some of these video games to get into the christmas spirit.

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roadkillers2548d ago

I keep hearing all these great things about Shenmue, yet i pretty much know nothing about it. The fact that it snows and the snow builds up is incredible... even games this generation don't really have that in a open world setting.

CasuallyHardcore2547d ago

You really should give it a play as its very unique. The amount of detail Sega went into is immense. They used data from the time and location it is set in so the weather matches it perfectly. Draws are not just fancy decoration, they can be opened and you'll find things inside you can take out. Some are useful to the story, most are not. You can knock on every door you see as well for example and you can buy stuff from the shops just because you can. Obviously none of that makes a game but it makes a fantastic world.

Sadly its a bit of a marmite game, you either love it or hate it but if you are into story based games then you'll probably like this.