Lost Odyssey cutscene

DjMizuhara of Gamersryde has just posted this funny cutscene of Lost odyssey.

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predator3606d ago

i dont know what IGN are smooking but how the hell does this look like a ps2 game?

Feihc Retsam3606d ago

If that is, in fact, a direct translation of the text... well... Asian inspired video games are truely stranger than I will ever understand.

socomnick3606d ago

The US version is coming out in February so im sure they will have plenty of time to fix the bugs and kinks.

green3606d ago

Who ever previewed that game on IGN is an idiot.

Multigamer3606d ago

yep IGN = Gamespot on this one

iMad3606d ago

So that is a compliment actually.

It's all about damage control from sonydefence forse.

i_like_ff73606d ago

They have some good voice actors for a jrpg! WIsh it was ps3 too.