Dr. Fanboy or: How I Learned To Stop Thinking and Hate the Game

"Can't we all just get along? Ever since the days of the bitter Sega and Nintendo rivalry during the 80s and 90s, many gamers have found themselves supporting one side or another. More often than not, this support is blind and, frankly, stupid: gamers who subscribe to one system and one system alone make the whole community look bad."

Bart Robson of Thunderbolt Games rants about:
• The previous, four-way console war - and how a company actually "lost" the console war
• The current consoles and their problems
• Fanboys
• PC "purists"
• Rabid, delusional gamers who are hostile to game criticisms and negative reviews

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ruibing3939d ago (Edited 3939d ago )

As long as fanboyism leads to healthy bickering and brand loyalty, it should actually help generate revenue for the gaming industry. The thing to avoid is the belief that a game is tainted just because it is associated with a particular console.

It must be quite saddening for a quality game developer to get a product they have spent the last few years of their lives on cursed down because they made it just for a single console.

Dukester1013939d ago

That was probably one of the best articles submitted here on N4G.

That is so true, and you can see it everyday on this site. It's amazing how these young kids "worship" a system like it's there job... but when the day's over we all know that mommy still tucks them into bed.

Mr Arthur Ritis3939d ago

I bet no one remembers when it was just the big n. damn i'm old.

ericnellie3939d ago

It's the truth;) Now let's see how many comments this POSITIVE read gets. Not nearly as much as a article titled "Console Sales Figures for the month of December in [email protected]#k Egypt". It's sad but true!

ZeVeX3939d ago

Good read and very true, it's all about opinion, if people stopped worrying about sales numbers and other peoples opinions and just bought what they wanted and played what they wanted, we wouldn't have this problem at all i think, all the consoles are going to do well, end of story, so just enjoy the games, instead of being on forums bashing everything.

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The story is too old to be commented.