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moparful992524d ago

Ok I seriously am starting to get very agitated. I am a elite subscriber and I still have to wait because of this xbox platform priority!! That needs to end now, in the past it was no big deal because I never bought the over priced map packs but now that I have forked over my money for the elite service that so far hasn't even afforded me a scrap of value it has become personal.. I'm not getting a call of duty title on xbox because I refuse to pay for live and now I'm being penalized by the developer who should be platform neutral especially since they decided to develop the elite service.. Where does the hypocrisy and greed end ACTIVISION!!!!!!!!!

NukaCola2524d ago (Edited 2524d ago )

$60 MW3
$60 LIVE
$50 Elite

$170 to rock some COD...

I think some guys are getting dooped and they don't even know it. I get deals but these pricing factors are rediculous. It's all COD as well. The $10 Gold price increase increase do to Xbox Live Deals refers to the COD DLC which MS paid millions towards. I think this is highway robbery. It's like Microtransactions at full title prices, but with next to nothing value.

moparful992524d ago

I'm just glad that I have amazing first party titles like Uncharted 3 and resistance 3 to fall back on.. I just wish that those titles were as popular as CoD...

Tanir2523d ago

totally nukacola, people are freakin blind bats, and while its their money and they can do what they want, it odesn;t mean they aren't stupid for it.

who the hell pays a subscription for a gaame series lol. unless its an mmo idk. even then its hard to understand why

El_Barto2523d ago

Why is it anyone's business what people spend their own money on? If they want to buy 10 XBL accounts and spend $500 a year on them then it's their own prerogative.

Nobody forced you or anyone to buy Elite or MW3. Get over it.

r1sh122523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

yea but the price of paying for elite is less than paying for maps separately. If you know you will be playing the game lots and probably pay for maps, elite is the best way to go then.
Even though the $10 increase for live is there, you could use amazon/ebay and buy cheaper pre paid cards.
I do the same in the UK and get XBL significantly cheaper.
You are using the ceiling prices for Live.

The biggest next to nothing value is people who paid for elite on PS3, you dont have an integrated app, and you have to wait for maps...I use my xbox for most multiplats and my ps3 for exclusives

XboxInnovation2523d ago

And the crazy thing is they know they will stop playing the game in 10 months and start anticipating the next. The CoD community are sheep, it's pretty sad. All for a game that is not even good anymore.

ZippyZapper2523d ago

$60 for Live isn't bad because it's never been hacked. Cross game chat and great apps like Youtube with great security. No passwords and credit card info in the hands of hackers, like that other service.

Washington-Capitals2523d ago

'moparful99' lol you wish they were just as popular? No we all wish their MP component of the games was as diverse as MW3 or other call of dutys. UC3 SP is by far better then anything else on the market right now but its MP just doesn't stack up well to something like cod. Not to mention, the gampeplay UC3 offers in MP is not for everyone, its a TPS. R3 is an average MP experience nothing amazes me there and wants me to keep playing.

hotskys2523d ago

@moparful, if those titles were just as popular as cod, they'd either be whored out by their developers as well, or be hated by everyone because they're popular.

On the contrary, I'd rather have cod not as popular.

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DA_SHREDDER2523d ago

Just do what I did. Buy Killzone 3 and Resistance 3 cause they are both better. Granted, I bought MW3, but instead of buying Elite or the map packs separately, I just bought games that are better than COD imho, so it doesn't even bother me that these map packs are coming out 3 months later on psn. I got too many games to be worried about some crap packs that probably aren't worth the price they are selling them for.

coolbeans2523d ago

What? The fine print for Elite states you'll get the maps free. It never states who's getting them first.

jetlian2523d ago

l guess l don't have elite. Based on how it was told elite would get maps sooner than normal xbl. So most thought activision was bypassing MS deal!!

Guess not, maybe its xbElite> xbl= ps3elite> ps3

frostypants2523d ago

You actually paid for Elite? LOL...c'mon people...

moparful992523d ago

Actually the ps3 DOES have a deidcated elite app I downloaded it the first day I had the game..

Ducky2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Why would they let you get it early? O.o

Elite only promises free DLC when it is available, so I don't see why you expect it to give you DLC a month early.

The same thing happened with BF3, LE purchasers were promised the first DLC for free but they still had to wait longer than PS3 players.
This isn't exactly anything new, so I'm not sure why you're taking it "personal".

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TopDudeMan2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

That piss me off to no end, the way microsoft keeps buying the rights to get the DLC early. Really... How much money are they making out of it? Nothing.

No ones gonna buy a 360 to get early DLC. It's almost as if they have me in mind and they're doing it on purpose so I hate them; which, by the way is an awful business strategy. Because guess who has 2 thumbs and isn't buying an xbox 720? Yup, me.

KMCROC542523d ago

The way i see it is the game sells the hardware, but game that offers more to certain hardware is the one people will buy . plain & simple

ZippyZapper2523d ago

"No ones gonna buy a 360 to get early DLC" 360 sold 2 million last month so I'm sure more than just a few got it for MW3.

moparful992523d ago

I like how the xbox community isn't up in arms over the fact that microsoft is wasting all of that money from live on timed dlc exclusivity instead of developing more IP's

antz11042523d ago

LOL, this has nothing to do with xbox live or the community. You're bent because you have elite and still have to wait a month. Sorry no ones taking up pitchforks and torches with you :(

FEARprototype2523d ago

uhmmm...its not like Microsoft is the only one buying rights and stuff like that...
but i agree it have to stop, their wasting their money and our time.

Brixxer6002523d ago

Doesn't bother me that i'll have to wait a month for the DLC on PS3 but all subscribers of the full edition of Elite regardless of platform should have access at the same time.

bub162523d ago

when will you fools stop buying such useless map packs...

WAY over priced, boring after a few plays then another map pack 2 months later.

look at other DLC. you get so much more for your money!

antz11042523d ago

They already announced a DLC with popular maps from MW 1, 2, and BLOPS. Thats a good idea.

And did you read it? Specifically the part where they said it would be more than maps, but spec ops missions as well? That also sounds like a step in the right direction.

bub162523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

seeing as it takes 2 year to make cod games. using the same engine.. you would think they would have more then 12 maps and a few new guns
and why would anybody want to buy maps they already own on previous cod discs? beats me

frostypants2523d ago (Edited 2523d ago )

Wow! So they're going to LET us pay for MW2 maps, so I can enjoy them with MW3's somewhat inferior gameplay? Awesome...

Sarcasm aside, what about MW3 could possibly make it worth your while to buy old MW2 maps, vs. just putting MW2 in and playing that instead? It's the same bloody game (at best)...

antz11042523d ago

^ Wow bud, maybe if they put popular maps like highrise, terminal, and quarry in so you could play them in a new, equally popular mode, like kill confirmed? Ever think of that, or are you too busy practicing sarcasm and trolling?

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