Uncharted likely to continue

The first game may only have come out today, but Naughty Dog co-president Evan Wells says that Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is bound to continue in future.

Speaking to Three Speech readers, Wells said: "We developed Uncharted as a franchise. The pulp action/adventure genre lends itself perfectly to serialisation and continued episodes, which is one of the reasons we were attracted to it." Wells said the team was "brainstorming" the team's next project, "but even if we don't do an Uncharted sequel right away, you can pretty much count on us doing one in the near future."

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mighty_douche3794d ago

and rightly so!

lets aim for 60% next time huh guys!

shmee3793d ago

no1 on GAME ---UK's biggest gaming retailer

also on micromania charts (france's biggest website)

also on amazon charts of UK and GERMANY

gamesblow3794d ago

this has been posted 10 times already... Anyways, if anyone were to actually read the interview, Evan says they will go back to it, but not anytime soon. < Basically. so, don't expect to see it next year and I think many people will have themselves to blame, if you ask me.

Which sucks for all the dedicated fans of the series cause now we have to wait 2 years or better just to get our hands on the next one. Taht blows. I might be done with gaming completely by then.

solar3794d ago

i would love a DLC release for Drake's every couple of months would be dreamy. i dont want to wait 2 years or more for a sequel. :(

Prismo_Fillusion3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Cool, I hope they make it even more fun!
With improved graphics.
When I buy my PS3 I'll make sure to check out the original.

Korosuke3794d ago

I just heard the first day sales in Japan.
It's about 7000......poor retarded Japanese gamers :(

gamesblow3794d ago

Ummm.. You didn't hear any sales data... It's Friday morning here in the states. The game just came out at Midnight "our time" last night for them. Are you sure about this now?

You won't see sales data until Tuesday at the soonest, usually wEd for this game and many others that came out.

Korosuke3794d ago

yes, it's spot, rough numbers of the first day sales.
anyway, it's friday night here, already past two days from Uncharted release date.

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The story is too old to be commented.