Square Enix confirms existence of Dissidia demo at Jump Festa 2008

Square Enix have updated their Jump Festa 2008 website and confirmed a part of yesterday's Shonen Jump rumor: There will be a Dissidia: Final Fantasy demo at Jump Festa 2008!

Now we must wait to see if the other part of the rumor comes true: Will there be Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep demos featured at the event as well?

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Shaka2K63634d ago

FF-Dissidia looks hot and i cant wait for more info on Bith by Sleep a KH PSP has been one of my best dreams that has come true.

allforcalisto3634d ago

squeenix won't actually let us bloody see them so who cares?!

reading "accounts" of trailers is getting boring. show us some love squeenix

cloud360-7th_account3634d ago

Square Enix keeps everything secret

[email protected]3634d ago

Yeah, S-E always keep those demo and trailer very attachment to they hands only a few get the chance >_>.