Toasty Controller - Skyrim Review

From Toasty Controller...

"In the predecessor, I took advantage of the environment and the ability to easily climb around terrain to take short-cuts through out Cyrodill, but mostly in the many Oblivion Gates I closed down. This wasn't an integral part of gameplay in the predecessor, but it is widely encouraged in Skyrim. There aren't many more elements in gaming that are as fun as freely climbing whatever mountain you want, and there surely isn't a comparative concept to being randomly attacked by a Dragon while climbing a mountain. In the midst of other RPGs that bring you toe-to-toe against massive boss fights and deformed creatures, The Elder Scrolls has swayed from the same fiction others use. It would be a different story if in Oblivion you actually fought a boss the size of Mehrunes Dagon himself, but most antagonists were relatively the same size as your character as this has been the same for most Elder Scrolls games up to this day. This is what brings the true excitement to seeing Dragons in Skyrim."

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