Five reasons that can make you hate Skyrim

Though Skyrim has been extremely popular in gamers's community, there are some people who actually "hate" Skyrim for various reasons. Here are five reasons that can force you to join Skyrim haters' club.

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zeal0us2549d ago

I hate that I got to wait for some of my quest to be fix due to bugs but I still like the overall game.

Ezio20482549d ago

i hate my no no no....i hate Skyrim on my PS3!!

DonaldBeck2549d ago

relax dude....bethesda is going to fix it. just imagine how many ps3 fans they will lose if they didn't ;).

anyways the game lags on me every few hours or so, nothing bad, or "unplayable" but for others without internet i feel for ya.

Ezio20482549d ago

i know pal. also to the worse, my PS3 yesterday got YLOD...its dead!!! =D

gotta buy a new PS3 this weekend. :P

fallingdove2549d ago

I doubt it. They promised a fix for the same issues within Fallout 3 and never followed through.

brish2549d ago

"relax dude....bethesda is going to fix it."


Fallout 3 ps3 lag

Fallout New Vegas ps3 lag

undercovrr2549d ago

Its been a fix. So no..they haven't fixed it yet and who knows when they will. Considering their past history with Fallout it will take a couple of months, which is unacceptable. Stop defending Bethesda.

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GuruStarr782549d ago

I personally have not had a single issue with skyrim on my PS3, and I own it for the xbox as well...

When speaking of glitches, Compared to Both Console Fallout games, Skyrim is near Perfect IMHO

MsclMexican2548d ago

Ok... you know what I hate? When I complain about Skyrim on PS3, telling people it is a laggy, broken, unplayable, frustrating game, you know what the answer I always get? "Why'd you buy it on PS3?"


You know what... Im not going to even go into this rant. Im tired of all the false praise people are giving Bethesda for Skyrim, all those GOTY's. And here we PS3 gamers are just left in the dust because Bethesda refuses to treat us with any equality.

Morbius4202547d ago

360 is penalized for no BluRay
PS3 is penalized for lack of RAM

MurDocINC2548d ago

Main reason I didn't get the game, you really need to be a no life to play it. Cause if you walk away, you forget what u were doing and it takes few hours to get back into it after. Doesn't mean I hate it just choose not to waste so much time. I know I'm not alone cause my friends say the same.

Pillville2549d ago

The title is worded oddly.

Should either be

"Five things that can make you hate Skyrim"


"Five reasons why you will hate Skyrim"

Bil2549d ago

Actually it was meant to word "oddly", even "hate" is not used in "actual" sense

Bathyj2549d ago

Its not the PS3. Yeah PS3 has some framerate issues, but the game itself has gamebreaking bugs that stop progression on every platform.

I still cant figure out why everyone is ragging on the PS3 version, (which is annoying) but no one is mentions these other flaws.

fallingdove2549d ago

Part of it is the PS3 and its unique architecture. Most of it is Bethesda and their laziness in slopily porting over their modified gamebryo engine from the PC/360.

There are absolutely reasons to rag on the PS3 version. I am only 45 hours into the game and the framerate really chugs.(around a 12 FPS average)

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