Edge Preview: Devil May Cry 4

Dante and Nero decide it's better to reign in hell than serve in heaven.

Edge writes:

"An extended hands-on with DMC4 reveals that while it may be supremely silly, and still in some ways limited by its past, it is also a slick and professionally made title fully conscious of the strength of excess. The sword and gunplay basis of the original has been recreated and enhanced with such irreverence that DMC4, for all of its predictability, does possess that valuable quality of self-knowledge that may add just enough spice to the mix."

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osirisomeomi3878d ago

Really looking forward to this game. I've never played DMC before, and this game is looking fantastic to me.
Currently working through NGS, and that game is masochistically difficult.

Shaka2K63878d ago

Even bought DMC3 too times just for the added extras, one of the best action games out there, but now that the game is multi platform its a real shame, the game looks like a PS2 game and the xbug will most likely kill this series just like they did with Dino Crisis back in the day.

crapcom is making alot of terrible desitions lately , they used to be cool i pre-order alot of their games(RE4,Okami,Onimusha,DMC,M onster Hunter ect.) but they are not getting a dyme from me anytime soon until they get their act together.

predator3878d ago

capcom are still good, u wont be playin resi5 an street fighter 4

predator3878d ago

im looking forward to this game, hopefully the demo will do it justice and wont effect final sales.

gamesblow3878d ago

I just played this 5 mins ago on my ps3... I just popped in DMC3, upscaled it to 1080P and BAM! Same game... only different locations.

predator3878d ago

you need your eyes checking.

gamesblow3878d ago

I can't believe you people honestly thin this is going to be something more.... This is going to be the same game as DMC 1 thru 3, only in HD. Wait and see. You all are smokin' crack if you don't think this game could've been on ps2, with toned down graphics of course... And only mildly toned down at that.

Multigamer3878d ago

this game is going to be great

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