Japan's best games of 2007 - Top 20

Japan's best games of 2007 ranged from hardcore hexagonal strategy games to some of the most mainstream "non-games" on the market. Click through for Next-Gen's 2007 Japan Top 20…

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MK_Red3733d ago

Wow, an XBLA at number one!!??? Beating WiiFit, Prof Layton and Mario!?

iMad3733d ago

This is strange chart. 1 or 2 PS3 games made for Japanse only should be there. There is Golf 5? Where is Shietaku erh..don't remember...
Anyway - i don't care who play what. I care only what i play.

Capt CHAOS3733d ago

Says something about the Japanese gaming market.. It's a great game, but #1??

KidMakeshift3733d ago

No love for Imabikisou, FolksSoul, Odin's Sphere, Grim Grimoire, and Hokuto no Ken

wiizy3733d ago

they better have wii fit in there... thats innovation