Square Enix and Microsoft collaborate to bring exclusive DLC to Final Fantasy XIII-2 on Xbox 360

Square Enix, Inc. today announced that a new piece of content has been added to the downloadable content (DLC) list for Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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dark-hollow2549d ago

there is nothing more unfair like exclusive DLC on multiplats.

rezzah2549d ago

Doesn't matter, as long as it isn't important.

Different costumes and weapons are not a big deal.

Side stories are.

blitz06232549d ago

Do they seriously think having exclusive DLC will boost the sales of FFXIII-2 on the 360? lol

frankiebeans2549d ago

Well umm sadly as much as i dont want to swap 20 disk and just buy the ps3 version i would buy it on 360 if the dlc is not time exclusive but i really hope this dont happen.

kaveti66162549d ago

Have you seen the lengths to which some Final Fantasy fanboys will go?

Godmars2902549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Nothing more lame than exclusive paid DLC. Aside from the company then talking about not getting enough money.

This also says that Square is looking at putting vsXIII on the 360.

MS just needs to think it will.
Thing is, how will you know that it hasn't been effected? I don't know how many times the issues has been raised that content cut from XIII went into XIII-2 with defenders of XIII-2 ignoring the crux of the statement that somehow XIII wasn't effected.

We likely will be seeing a vsXIII-2 as well.

blitz06232549d ago

As long as the PS3 version does not suffer because of it going multiplatform then I don't care if it goes to the 360.

ZombieAssassin2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I'm with blitz I don't care if it goes multi-platform as long as the Ps3 version doesn't suffer...oh yea and as long as it doesn't make it take longer to release. I'm all for as many people as possible being able to play a game though as it always improves chances for more games and more money for studios so they don't go under (I'm talking in general though as we all know FFvs13 will sell like crazy in Japan alone).


You're right their is no way to know, that's why we just have to hope. I mean even if their isn't a 360 version I wouldn't put it past SE to hold content back for DLC or like u said a Vs13-2.

DarkZane2549d ago

The game is in full production, which means it's almost done and in testing phases now. Nothing has been said about any 360 version, so it's not gonna happen.

Beside, the difference between PS3 and 360 version of XIII was bad, but acceptable, but if they try to port Versus XIII on 360, the difference in quality will be far too big and Microsoft would never accept this.

The game was made for ps3 only with an engine that can be used for vs13 and on ps3. Porting a game that is almost finish to an inferior console like the 360 at this point would be insane. Not only they would never be able to make it look even remotely as good as the ps3 version, but trying to would cost them a lot of money.

Godmars2902549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Nothing's been said, aside from Wada constantly and repeatedly dropping hints that he wants it to happen. Nomura threatening to quit or no.

Hell, by them focusing on making XIII multiplatform rather than "good" they've already lost money.

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Bundi2549d ago

Exclusive DLC only seems unfair when its favouring the 360. In fact I believe this is a first on 360 since its usually timed exclusive dlc.

dedicatedtogamers2549d ago

This just shows how out of touch Microsoft is. Of course SE will accept the money. They're wh0res.

But Microsoft? Yeah, thanks for your only-two-new-exclusives-per-ye ar policy that you've been following for the last two years. We all really like that. We also like how you piss away all the money, support, XBL fees, and the few developers you still own for your latest Kinect games. If 360 fans in 2008/2009 looked into the future and saw what the 360 looks like today, they'd probably cry.

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Game13a13y2549d ago

give it couple months, it will on the PS3. MS really should look up the definition of "exclusive"

rezzah2549d ago

is it timed?

Also by "collaborate" I'm sure it really means MS paid them.

iamtehpwn2549d ago

Oh God. The shit storm that will come from this... *hides under bed*

Truerandom2549d ago

Is this timed? like every other so called exclusives that the 360 had.

ZombieAssassin2549d ago

Kinda cool for anyone getting the 360 version and it's a good way for SE to give back to xbox players for the sub-par job they did 13.

It's good though that it's only a weapon as I don't really see exclusive items like that as a's when you get exclusive story related things is when it becomes unfair.

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