The Best Arrow in the Knee/Curved Sword Video Yet

Suddenbrain’s own “Arrow in the Knee” Skyrim music video, now featuring 50% more curved swords. The song is a Claymore original track. Make sure to watch in HD!

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Tanir2546d ago

STFU with this arrow in the knee garbage, it was funny like the first day, this is getting even more annoying than that "It's Over 9000!" crap. please, end it now!

Caleb_1412546d ago

Did you take an arrow in the knee by any chance?

TheoreticalParticle2546d ago

The fact that it's getting super repetitive IS THE POINT.

You can't go 2 feet in town without someone telling you about the arrow they took in the knee. Why would you choose to have the 3 voice actors you hired for the game all say the EXACT SAME LINE!?

So, yeah, it's getting old. BECAUSE IT'S OLD IN-GAME.

Awookie2546d ago

@TheoreticalParticle Because its annoying in game we should make it annoying out of the game your logic is retarded.

Oldman1002546d ago

My power level used to be over 9000, then i took an arrow in the knee.

Gregard2545d ago

Gotta admit, this one made me laugh :)

megacowdung2546d ago

I used to think the arrow to the knee joke was funny, then i took a warhammer to the face...

Fylus2545d ago

I've been secretly running around tossin' those hammers at all those people that abuse this joke. In case you were wondering.

DaThreats2546d ago

I used to enjoy this joke,
until i took an arrow to the knee.

pr0digyZA2546d ago

This is going to carry on until there's six seasons and a movie.

Johandevries2546d ago

And four studios working on it

2546d ago
Fylus2545d ago

I swear I heard somewhere that FOX is going to endorse it for a TV show and give it a contract for a full 16 episodes.

My memory of this is a little blurry though... You know, from the headaches... From all these retarded Arrow to the Knee jokes...

Faztkiller2546d ago

I played Skyrim for 90+ hours still not heard that hear the swords thing alot though

dinkeldinkse2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

When the Arrow in the Knee crap is actually funny.

Edit: FulGor3, that was just lame.

Edit 2: Johandevries, that is much better.

PastyGangster2546d ago

I was going to call you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

Johandevries2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

While you took an arrow to the knee, I took a crap on your telephone

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