Second Opinion - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (

Naughty Dog and Nathan Drake are back for another adrenaline-pumping adventure...but does the third Uncharted game deliver the same thrills, or is Drake starting to slip?

Uncharted 3 is exciting from start to finish, but Drake comes away with some bumps and bruises that he's never had before. Check out my full review in our second look at Drake's Deception.

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Thatguy-3102549d ago

Great game but not the juggernaut people make it seem to be. It had a lot of potential but felt short when it was released. Many may think it's the best out of the series but tell me this why is it that the media isn't talking about no more like they did back when Among Thieves was released? It didn't live up to Among Thieves at all. Can't believe he deducted all those points because of sluggish controls

Army_of_Darkness2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

with UC3, I was getting a little annoyed of constantly falling from a broken floor, roof top, ceiling, ledge, pole, wall, fence, balloon, truck, toilet, chocobo, whatever it was, drake must have had a broken back and ass by the end of that game!!
UC3 is great, but it didn't get me as hooked as part 2 did with its campaign. I couldn't put down the controller with UC2 man!! the visuals in UC3 however, is damn amazing!

Thatguy-3102548d ago

@army i honestly just play the single player for the visuals and that's about it i hated the campaign so much but like you said the visuals are amazing. Especially in the desert levels. But graphics don't make a good game. Would have been nice if the campaign was enjoyable as Among Thieves:( the it would have been pitch perfect. The Last Of Us is set to go that route.

Pozzle2543d ago

I kept chuckling whenever Drake fell or something he was holding onto broke. He must have the worst luck in the world. Poor guy. :D

cbakehorn2548d ago

It wasn't the controls that lost the points, it was a combination of the sloppy movement, issues with shooting and aiming smoothly, falling/getting stuck randomly, and somewhat repetitive gameplay after two similar, previous games.

I say an 8.5 is a great score - that's how it works on the scale, a 9 is just a little too high for me. As for UC2, I think it was a LOT better, at least the gameplay - maybe UC3 had some cooler scenes and new features, but I never had some of those aforementioned complaints before, and I feel that it is only fair to point them out as I see them now.

IRetrouk2549d ago

still a good score, for me its still the best uc out of the three but thats just personal opinion, the games a 9 all day long

mayberry2549d ago

uc3 lived up to my expectations with flying colors, but I can see how the differences between 2/3 could mean a different outcome for someone else.

bobrea2549d ago

I just got a brand new TV so I need to borrow this from my friend again so I can try it out in 3D.

And no, I can't just buy the game because I just spent all of my money on a new TV

cbakehorn2548d ago

The game did look great in 3D, I only played for an hour or so on a friend's tv, but was pretty impressed.

Still think the PS3 could do more with 3D, though...especially now that the 3DS is taking off, and games like Mario 3D Land are actually using depth as a factor in the gameplay...

r212549d ago

this game is probably the game with an amazing number of 'oh wow' moments. seriously, the sinking ship, the wide canyon, etc :D

SPOILER (for those who havent played yet)
people weren't fond of playing as young drake? that was one my favorite parts of the game. especially the chase scene and the music :D

A-Glorious-Dawn2549d ago

Cartagena surprised me. My favorite city on this planet and its where I grew up.