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PAL Gaming Network - Luke Van Leuveren, 07 Dec 2007:

"Singstar for the PlayStation 3 is a fantastic game and one we have no problems recommending to fans of the series. The lack of wireless microphones is a little disappointing, and the gameplay hasn't actually changed at all, but adding the SingStore into the game now negates the need for bimonthly disks, and as long as Sony gets content up on the SingStore frequently fans will always have something to sing. Singstar has the potential to kill every karaoke machine out there and is a game that will have your younger brother, mum, grandma and girlfriend playing. And possibly even enjoying it."

The Score:

• Graphics: Even the non-HD video clips look a treat and the interface is intuitive. (8.5)

• Sound: Singstar PS3 features one of the best soundtracks yet, but if you're not happy why not just jump online and create your own custom soundtrack? (9.0)

• Gameplay: The formula hasn't changed but this doesn't stop Singstar from being one of the ultimate party games. (8.5)

• Lifespan: With new Singstar songs set to be released every few weeks you won't be able to stop yourself from hopping online to download the latest songs. (8.0)

• Overall: Singstar for the PlayStation 3 isn't fundamentally different from its predecessors but there is very little left to change for the franchise. With a great soundtrack and some long overdue online features, Singstar is a great continuation of the series. (8.5)

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sonarus3733d ago

system seller maybe. but only for die hard singstar fans and am not dure how many of those there are

Devilbringer3732d ago

I never played singstar but i allready order this because i can dl anysong i want, looking forward to sing at my parties :))

and i gonna sing when im alone^^

Armyless3732d ago

"SingStar is compatible with the PlayStation Eye camera, so you can also record your audio, take pictures and see video of yourself singing, and all of this content can be uploaded online for friends and strangers to see. If you're more of a browser, you can view other people's audio, video and snapshots and even rate the content. Those who are afraid they will see R rated images will be pleased to know there is a report option too. You can participate in polls, search online for players, once you've found a player you can also add them to a friends list so you can keep an eye on their top scores. The whole thing is Sony's way of adding social interaction into Singstar and it works very well. "

achira3732d ago

wow, nice, you can make your own songs ? if thats true, that is a real nice feature.

HBK6193732d ago

I love the SingStar series, have a few beers, get singing badly and have a crapload of fun doing it!!!

Plus the downloadable songs mean this will just go and go and go and go...


What is the release date for this game in the US ? The date is different everywhere I check .

tk3732d ago

Singstar is great. My kids (the girls actually) love it. Will have to get it...

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