EGTV: Naughty Dog on The Last Of Us

Neil Druckmann (creative director) and Bruce Straley (game director) of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us team, talk about their developing game. This exclusive interview with EuroGamer, gave gamers some key information about this new title and what they would like to be seen done with it.

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Burning_Finger2499d ago

I don't care about the details. I just want a release date.

Ult iMate2499d ago (Edited 2499d ago )

Yeah. This game is "Shut up and take my money!" kind of games. ))) .

Thatguy-3102499d ago

lol when he did said the comment about a bad story and how people rave about it when its actaully bad reminded me on how people make Drake Deception seem like the amazing installment. Plot was clearly all over the place. But back to the topic I cant wait to see how this game ends up. I been waiting for a survival/horror game with a good narrative that will invoke emotions. ND will make this happened :)

NiKK_4192499d ago

Wow, I just read the comments on that site... Almost as bad as YouTube comments... Almost.

In the video, what they said about the Dead Island trailer was spot on. Completely different from the game. The trailer was great, though, and would make an awesome game. I think The Last Of Us will be that game.

Oldman1002499d ago

I hope the bar these guys set with Uncharted 2 will be raised further by The Last of Us. Seems like they're giving it their all.

GribbleGrunger2499d ago

graphically Uncharted 3, but i agree, as far as gaming is concerned i too hope they hit Uncharted 2 quality

Mr Tretton2499d ago

I thought I was done buying PS3 games this gen. Guess not. Naughty Thieves keep stealing my money!