Nexuiz - The Twitch Shooter Fueled by Dicks, Gaga, and Booze (Inside Gaming Daily)

Lawrence Sonntag: "The closest video game equivalent to hearing an old man whine about the hills and snow between house and school must be hearing a Quake / Unreal Tournament enthusiast lament the state of shooters today. In a real shooter, autoaim doesn’t do all the shooting for you and you don’t spawn with all the guns you want right away. Kids these days.

I’ve basically got the early bird special frequent diner’s card when it comes to shooters, so that’s why our announcement of Nexuiz during the 2011 Inside Gaming Awards captured my attention. Conveniently, Scott “Sark” Robinson of Machinima Respawn got to visit Nexuiz developers Illfonic recently, giving me an opportunity to get some info on what the game’s all about."

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ZombieAssassin2549d ago

The game looks pretty sweet just like an Unreal or Quake game, hopefully it does decent.