PS3 big hitter day

The last big titles of the year are released today and the PS3 takes centre stage. Yup, Sony's console has the pick of today's releases with Singstar Next Gen and Uncharted: Drakes Fortune bringing some much needed identity to the PS3 lineup.

But any doubts over the potential of the PS3 will be expunged with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, a gorgeous looking adventure that is easily the finest PS3 title to date. Ok, not the greatest of praise - Ratchet & Clank is pretty much the only other PS3 game worth bothering with - but Uncharted is a genuine delight. Think Tomb Raider exploration combined with Gears of War style combat and the prettiest tropical setting you've ever seen on a games console.

The PS3 comes third choice behind the 360 (quality and quantity of games/Live) or Wii (not that you can get one of these, mind) this Christmas. But the beautiful Uncharted shows that the PS3 is just beginning to purr into action.

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mighty_douche3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

nothing new, nothing interesting. infact i found the comments below it more informative.

v1c1ous3938d ago

who's running this thing?

Real Gambler3938d ago

That's what sad about N4G... Even if the rules are NO BLOG, they still get posted by the dozen.

And what's amazing is the fact that it's all about the PS3 not having many games coming out until Christmas, while all consoles don't have many new games coming out either. After all, if your title is not out yet, you won't be sure it will land in a gift box for Chrismas. I'm even wondering if Unreal Tournament will do good in north america with such a late release.

Myth3938d ago

I couldn't even finish reading that bs.

Keyser3938d ago (Edited 3938d ago )

I think this guy just crawled from under his rock.

Only Uncharted and R&C are good titles. This guy loves his drugs.