PlayStation 3 Accounts for 74 Percent of all Blu-ray Disc Players

Despite Sony Corp.'s CEO Howard Stinger calling the high-definition battle a simple matter of prestige, the Blu-ray Disc Association wasted little time in announcing yet another sales milestone.
74 percent of all Blu-ray Disc players in North America are in the form of the PlayStation 3.

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jiggyjay3878d ago

Lol.. and you Sony fanboys wonder why we xbots say that the PS3 is a dvd player first and game console second!

Sony don't care that they are losing the console wars.. if they did they wouldn't have put a blu ray player in the PS3 in the first place!

ruibing3878d ago (Edited 3878d ago )

It's just statistics, every PS3 has Blu Ray capabilities, there's not much any PS3 owners can do about it so we are just glad to have it. You make it seem as if the title said "74 Percent of all Blu Ray Players plays games". If a HD-DVD capable 360 came out, I bet you would be singing to a completely different tune.

MK_Red3878d ago

There is nothing wrong with having non-gaming features on a machine. I enjoy PSP's multi media features. Used my PS2 for watching DVDs back in 2001-3 and now PS3 could be used for watching Blu-ray films AS WELL AS playing games.

It's funny how people say PS3 is just a video player because of BD playback while they forget how much PS2 was used for watching normal DVDs.

ravinash3878d ago

1. I get to watch Blueray films.
2. PS3 games enjoy more disk space to work from.
As someone who enjoys both these funtions on his PS3 I would have to say yes...I could see where the problem would come from.

Bolts3878d ago

I'm not sure which one is more idiotic, an xbot who openly refer to himself as an xbot, or an xbot who mocked the PS3 as a DVD player in article about Bluray players.

OMG 360 RUL3Z0RZ FTW3878d ago

My dad called me yesterday while he was at Circuit City. He was looking to get a DVD player to hook up to his new flat panel on the wall in his bedroom. He said, though, that the player MUST be able to stand vertically, so as to take up the least amount of space where he will hide it away behind a dresser or something. He said that there were no such players that he could find, but that the PS3 would do the trick quite nicely.

He's right about that. A PS3 would do what he described, so I think he ended up buying one.

The thing is, he will never use it as a gaming system, and at least initially, he will not be using it as a Bluray player. He has an extensive DVD collection, and playing those discs is what he is looking for at the moment.

Obviously, this is a rare use case for the PS3, but I thought it was interesting, and could stand as a good contrast to the standard stories we always hear.

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MK_Red3878d ago

If they include numbers of PS3s in Blu-ray player sales, HD-DVD will lose it's claim hardware sales advantage.

Shaka2K63878d ago

The truth has came out and the sales dont lie, all year long week after week Blu-ray winning sales-wise.

h-dvd group just give it up already.

Blu-ray has won the war.

MK_Red3878d ago

True. So far the HD-DVD group has excluded PS3 from BD player sales and thus claimed themselves to be winner and best seller in hardware where number of standalone HD-DVD players defeat standalone Blu-ray players BUT if they add PS3s to BD numbers, they'll lose the only (fake) advantage they have and the truth will become more clear.

The Maverick3878d ago

Wow yeah i kind of agree with you guys, yeah putting blueray on the Ps3 was at first seen to be risky but in terms of the war I think everybody knows that blueray will win this, the deathnell for HD DVD was microsoft not adding the drives to the elites, Now with sony competeing on two fronts its over. As an XBot i can only hope that microsoft either gets the HD DVD drives added on for every console or hurry up and perfect that digital download distribution evry1 is talking about, though be4 any1 says it i know that the internet in termsof connection speed isnt fast enough

name3878d ago

Why did "north america" get omitted from the title?

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