Sega Goes Completely Mad, Phantasy Star PSP Not Online

Thanks to our incredible mind reading capabilities we have a transcript of the Sega Phantasy Star PSP brainstorming session.

"Why do you play Phantasy Star Online or Universe? To hack and slash millions of enemies with your online friends. What would make Phantasy Star PSP a killer app? Online play of course. Ok lets eliminate that option as we're all about losing money and ruining our brands these days."

Official Word: "Other than the single-player campaign, the PSP version will be incorporating 4-player co-op over Ad-hoc mode. " Via 1Up

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WilliamRLBaker3875d ago

you mean before the days of online phantasy star was single player rpg? what a foolish article I Would rather have a great single player RPG then an DAMN MMO wannabe like the phantasy star online games.

ElementX3875d ago

I remember Phantasy Star on Sega Master System. I remember you couldn't walk through forests without an axe, there was this character named Odin in some underground place. Then Phantasy Star 3 you could played across different generations of characters.

[email protected]3875d ago

Not Online experience that mean for a buy then :oP