Dreamcast 2 rumor debunked

Gamedaily writes:

"Sega of America PR Director Charlie Scibetta is currently looking into the trademark issue and why it was updated. In the meantime he told us that Sega "has no plans to get back into the console business," adding, "We're very happy being a platform agnostic company and have moved up the ranks the past three years from #11, to #9, and now stand at #6 in terms of our market share by units among third-party publishers. We like our current strategy and have no plans to change in the middle of this outstanding growth."

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Relientk773851d ago

awww dammit :-/ I wish it was true

Brian52473851d ago

No you dont. They don't need another failed console on their hands, just let them worry about perfecting Yakuza 3 and Valkrie of the Battlefield.

ruibing3851d ago

...and getting them localized for North America as soon as possible.

Shaka2K63851d ago

I gave them a good try and i will rather buy a dreamcast 2 then a last gen. cube or POS 360.

and to think i bought a nintendo sixty flop and gay cube instead of a dreamcast back in the day just for the noltalgia of playing POS horrible kidtendo games, good thing i grew up now and i can see better

kidtendo sucks.
Sony owns the gaming world.

Sega is much better then microsuck and kidtendo put together they are destroying the gaming industry right now.
Sony is the only one saving it.

kydrice3851d ago

There is no room for a 4th console.

TheMART3851d ago

Why not?

They said there wasn't room for a 3rd console. That's pretty much bullsh!t. Why is there room for so many different brands of cars? Because they differentiate and have different target groups.

Like Nintendo has a totally different target group then Microsoft or Sony. It could enter, if their strategy would be right (and good exclusive games)

Slayer OP3851d ago

if there are too many consoles on the market that leads to consumer confusion. Too mant consoles is what led to the video game crash of 1983 (google it)

kydrice3851d ago

Correct, don't ever compare the games industry to the car industry. There is only 2 target groups for gamers. The casuals (Wii, Cellphone) and Hardcore (PS3,360). The car industry has more targets. (Old,Young,Rich,Collector,Eco- Conscientious,Middle-class,Econ omy,Commuter,Big family,etc...)

More people drive cars than play videogames, FACT.

predator3851d ago

damit sega, dreamcast was the best console out of last gen.

Slayer OP3851d ago

Well thats a matter of a very rare and obscure opinion.

predator3851d ago

its not rare, the games on the dreamcast destroyed those on the ps2, if sega actually marketed that machine propley and talked to 3rd party pubs than the dreamcast could of easly won

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