Why the Wii is in short supply: Nintendo plays it a Wii bit cautious

The Wall Street Journal - Yukari Iwatani Kane and Nick Wingfield, December 7, 2007:

Persistent Wii shortages have led to speculation by angry consumers that Nintendo was deliberately keeping supplies short to create more hype for the product. The Wall Street Journal explains otherwise - it's Nintendo's conservative culture that limits the supply and keeping the Wii hard to find. Because Nintendo puts a great deal of focus on cash flow, it tries to keep its inventory as low as possible. Analysts and management experts suggest that it may be better for Nintendo to err on the side of a shortage and miss sales opportunities than to flood the market and be stuck with excessive supply, which could result in painful financial consequences for Nintendo and retailers.

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wiizy3875d ago

cause its the only systems that really wanted cause of innovation and universal appeal.. and after selling 15 million so far why wouldnt it be out of stock

Niclas3875d ago

no nintendo just suck .. they clearly dosnt care about anyone else that Japan .. they f*ck europe up and down.. (SSBB delayed 6 months O.M.F.G. like the only f*cking nice title the wii has.. and they choose 2 f*ck it up with crappy friend codes and 6 months delay LMAO)

brocool3875d ago

Why is the Wii doing so well.. Somebody tell me.. I dont get it

candystop3875d ago

Word of Mouth and price! Thats it and the only reason it's so hyped is because of the media and everybody praising it before its release. This will soon die out I hope but it's been great for nintendo!

Antiomo3875d ago

1) It caters to a wider target audience
2) its cheap
3) I've heard they dont supply retailers with GR8 quantities per shipment vs MS and Sony, hence creating a low supply, and in result greater demand for a wanted item
4) the market has plenty of xbox's already and the ps3 is a bit expensive for many individuals.
5) the console itself is "cute" hence attracting other other side of the market .... females

Baddo_Ekkusuchi3875d ago

its doing so well because of the hype and the price. but software wise compared to the other competitors, it bombs.

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