Jose Reyes to grace MLB 2K8 cover; Derek Jeter snubbed for first time in 9 years

2K Sports has announced Jose Reyes will appear on the cover for Major League Baseball 2K8. This will also be the first in nine years that Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter will not be appearing on the cover of a new video game.

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pwnsause3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

YEA GO JOSE!!!! DR POWER!!!!! but i dont care for this game anyway cause MLB 08 the show will rape this game.

Prismo_Fillusion3940d ago

Approving due to my being a die-hard Mets fan. And it's Reyes and not Jeter because Reyes probably cost about 1/10 the amount that Jeter would have! (and he's more fun to watch...)

SwiderMan3940d ago

I mean, I know that Jeter had his lapses this past year (along with the rest of the Yankees), but he's still one of the best.