IGN : Lost Odyssey looks like a ps2 game

" In the six hours that I've played so far, Lost Odyssey has been a technical mess, with framerate problems in just about every cinema and on most maps, an animation system that looks like it was ported straight from a PS2 engine, and frequent, inconsistent load times accompanied by visual stuttering as new data loads in. "

"If you've played a PlayStation 2 RPG before, you'll be on familiar ground."

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BubblesDAVERAGE3904d ago


Danja3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

with a Possibilty that FF13 will ship next year...I think the PS3 nd where the good RPG's at....

PS2 is the king of RPG's though...

hmm but Lost Odyssey looking like a PS2 game...uhh..okay ohh's on the 360 there's a reason why Sony called it the "XBOX 1.5"

Close_Second3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

"there's a reason why Sony called it the XBOX 1.5". I'll bet if Sony said that Microsoft was manufacturing weapons of mass destruction that you'd be wanting Bush to send in the troops. Some people will buy any trash their sold as though its gospel.

By the way, when a crap PS3 title is released does that mean the PS3 is merely a PS2.5?

Stop being a Sony rent boy and start being a human being again and thinking for yourself. Both the PS3 and 360 are nothing but dust collectors that don't deserve the kind of paid for loyalty they receive.

gtgcoolkid3904d ago

PS3 will finally be getting its big RPGs.

White Knight Story
FF13 Versus
Star Ocean 4
Disgaea 3

And these are just exclusives. I think Versus will be in 2009. FF13 has a very good chance making the 08 holidays. But PS has always had a lot of RPGs

unlimited3904d ago

DOnt forget the new Team ICO game!!

PlayStation3603904d ago

Now despite how hyped I am about Team Ico's new PS3 exclusive title. I don't think it should be included as an RPG. Ico and SotC were not RPG's. 2 of my all time favorite games by the way.

sonarus3904d ago

lost odyssey looks good. Even from the 1st 10mins of game i saw i thought it was pretty good. The frame rates might be annoying to some but i am sure they can be overlooked. Its not a great rpg but the best on next gen consoles or maybe eternal sonata waiting for the ps3 version but am pretty sure am gonna get this game for 360

ancient1123904d ago

Now I feel a lot better that FF13 is taking its time to develop. THIS is why SquareEnix is so highly regarded. They make quality games, not some rushed product to make the holiday season.

NEO_X3904d ago

calling the xbox 360 a 1.5 every time a sucky game comes out for it is lame-0 honestly that stupid gundam game that came out at launch for ps3 makes almost every ps2 game look like top of the line hd graphics and amazing next gen gameplay honestly it makes a easy argument for calling the ps3 a ps2.5 maybe even a ps2.3 lol but we all know its just the game that sucks not the system.
don't get me wrong I love my ps3 but lets not hate without a good reason

PS3PCFTW3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

im not surprised.........expect alot of 360 software to be outclassed from now on.

360s big guns are out, now sony has a 50 caliber sniper rifle aimed at m$'s head. halo3 was nothing but overhyped mediocrity.
warhound doesnt look any better.
every "good" title for the 360 is BETTER on the PC.

360 is just a dumbed down PC. you can thank microsoft for that xfans.

2008 is the beginning of the end for all xbots on this site. the mart firstknight and all your little cronies: good riddens. u do remember perfect dark RIGHT?
----------------------------- ------------------------
allxfans are either blind or just cant accept reality

360 was designed for GOW. thats why there are no other games of that caliber for 360. Not even your franchise halo which should have been 10 times as better, touches gow.

you can take that to the bank.


godofthunder103904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

you claim that all the 360 big guns and exclusives are out and they don't have any good games coming out,well i like to know where you are hiding because you are dead are lost or just don't want to admit the truth.the fact is that the 360 has lots of games that real not be on a ps3,hell i listed just 23 and they have a lot more and on top of that i didn't count xbox live games and they have some you see the facts just proved that you are wrong big time because the 360 has more exclusives coming out in 2008 then ps3 and if you look up all the exclusives that's coming out on both consoles instead of saying that one don't have any games just because you don't like it then you will see.

1-dark messiah of might and magic
2-halo wars
3-Kingdom Under Fire™: Circle of Doom
4-Lost Odyssey
5-Ninja Gaiden® 2
6-Too Human™
7-splinter cell conviction
10-house of dead
12-Infinite Undiscovery
13-All Points Bulletin
15-Project Offset
16-banjo kazooie
17-Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures
18-Beautiful Katamari
19-Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
21-Ancient World Online
22-Dead Island

just keep pulling for a japanese company,i was fighting with one dum a** from japan and he said that we buy japanese products because americans are to stupid to make good products our selfs.hell why do we keep buying products from the b**tards when they say sh*t like this about america,hell they all ready admitted in an interview that they hate buying products from america so why do people from america keep taking up for their products when they keep saying sh*t like this .i bet they are all laughing at america right now because they keep saying crap like this and americans keep talking up for them and still hope that a company fron japan beats an american company,well they can't laugh at me because i'm just like them,i refuse to buy products from japan because of the way they are about the U.S,hell they might as well say that they hate it because of all the stuff they say about it,so their's no way in hell that i'll pull for a japanese company against an american company because all they are doing is handing the U.S over to japan on a silver plater with out a fight and if we don't stop soon then they will own us,hell they almost own us now because they own about half of the U.S and the majarity of big companies in the U.S

like henery rollins said,they have the U.S over a barrel f**king it dry and we aint doing a damn thing about it and it's about time we do.

instead of just clicking disagree please give your reason and prove why it's wrong instead of just being a fanboy and clicking disagree

SlappyMcTaint3904d ago

So, how about all that RAM fanboys? How about the 360's supposed UBER POWER?!?!

LOL!. Looks llike a PS2 game, on a system that might just RROD while playing it.

Where can i buy it??

stunt2133904d ago

lets face it 360 is just not the system for jrpg

The Killer3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

no body will own US as long as u making new wars in the world!
and they make much better electronic product than any other country in the world and USA is not an exception.

90% of the list of games u mentioned that will be coming for 360 are not even heard of and wont move a single console by being released!

and dont forget most of the world already buying american products even japanese(windows any body remember?? its the main OS in the world include japan) and maybe people buying american pc's and cars and weapons!! do u understand now? ur point about japan owning USA is Bull$h!t!!!

hades073903d ago

Is it just me or are you the most hate filled moron ever. Get a life, get off this site and go something that finally makes you happy instead of trolling around here, clamoring and waiting for the next bit of news to pop up about the 360 just so you could bash it. For someone who doesnt seem to like the 360 you spend an awful lot of time making comments on it.

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367 To Your Ass3904d ago

I doubt ps2 can run UE3, so no. A decendent of Gears of War and Bioshock looking and feeling like a ps2 Last Remnant going to be viewed like this as well?

mikeslemonade3904d ago

Well the one thing that the Lost Odyessey has over a PS2 game is the enviroments. Everything else can be almost done on PS2. The in game cutscenes are terrible because the characters are so robotic and lifeless. When your roaming on the 3d map the character is robotic as well. The story is pretty cookie cutter and the theme is uninteresting. The game already looks dated. In 2013 when we come back and look at this game it's going to be almost unplayable because the execution of the game fails. Lost Odyssey is basically something to feed the people who want an RPG. The only good two good eastern RPGs for this generation is folklore and eternal sonata. Everything else is garbage.

ARBitrator3904d ago (Edited 3904d ago )

- King1990 digs through the review and pulls every piece of negative information he could find out of it to place as the intro to his comment. (Pathetic)

- PS3 FANBOYS pounce yet again on every single opportunity to bash the 360 so that somehow they can justify themselves. (Pathetic yet predictable)

- People drawing conclusions and talking sh!t based on the writings of a single individual body. Especially being that most PS3 fans claim that IGN needs a gut check. (Hypocritical)

- There will NEVER be anything that even resembles piece a maturity on this site simple because the large part of the user base are too ignorant to listen more and talk less. (Sad)

I've pretty much had it with this site. Too bad there's not a more mature site to go to which have a select group of mature contributors and users. There is no way PSN can be as mature as PS3 Fanboys say it is, just simple from the sampling of morons found on this site. (Priceless)

Jealousy has no boundaries

SlappyMcTaint3904d ago

You say that like it never happens the other way around. You xbots are the reason this "war" is so nasty: finding any and every way to bash on Sony and the PS3. M$ started the trash talking and you lemmings followed, creating the most stupid, volatile, poop-flinging nerd-fest imaginable!

As far as I'm concerned, the way M$ does business, they deserve any and every bit of poop flung at them. Instead of fixing their 100% faulty system, they just divert your attention to "the other guy" and what they're "doing wrong" -then you believe them and it escalates. They talk mad sh!t about how stupid Sony is/was to include HDMI, a HD, Blu-Ray support, etc... Then they add their own version of it later, charging much more for it than it costs on PS3 -because it's built-in. All the while, like lemmings, you keep buying 360's like they're the best evar -forgiving 3 or 4 or 5 RROD's like it's nothing.

I got off on a rant there, but my point is: M$ started the "pick at every little hole you can find, and make up others to divert attention away from our half-arsed product" game -not Sony.

gtgcoolkid3904d ago

this is what is supposed to make the x360 compete in Japan. god I can see White Knight Story raping this one.

3904d ago
sonarus3904d ago

white knight story might not sell as much as you think. I think ps3's top seller this holiday season will probably be Gran turismo most of the ps3 games that have sold a lot in japan have been sequels of ps2 titles no new franchises have sold that well. White knight story will likley sell well but its system seller status isnt exactly confirmed

gtgcoolkid3904d ago

Its release right now is very vague, abour February or March time. I just paired them together because they are both new ips.

anyways WKS will do well. Its a Level 5 RPG. It will sell well especially since it is PS3's first big RPG along with Disgaea. Both will sell alot though.

sonarus3904d ago

granted being a game by level 5 gives it does give it a significant edge but am still not that sure it will be a system seller. WKS is a pretty good lookin game but so was lost odyssey and see what ign is saying about it. Level 5 are better devs than mistwalker studios judging from their last 2 titles. However its still a new ip if dynasty warriors sold about 250,000 a proven franchise(in japan anyway) will it really outsell it. I mean if it gets rave reviews and is the greatest ps3 rpg game then maybe but it has to be really really good to be that definitive system seller. I am not saying it won't but its systm seller status isnt confirmed. Sure selling 50,000 ps3's is cool but thats not really system seller to me. Its gotta push at least 70,000 systems and keep it cruising at 50,000 for a while. GT5, DMC4 and WKS can do that but it will be more of a collective effort

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FordGTGuy3904d ago

You guys are some thick headed fanboys.

Polluted3904d ago

He did call the animation PS2 like. Then again, IGN tends to be a little unforgiving when it comes to minor graphical issues. The premise of this game alone makes it sound a lot more interesting than Enchanted Arms and a lot more mature than Blue Dragon. Could be cool. Is this one 360 exclusive? I always get this one and that other new Square RPG mixed up.

goldenxbox3904d ago

All of them are published by Microsoft so they are 360 Exclusive !

Any of those you are thinking of

Polluted3904d ago

@goldenxbox: You were right. Published by MS. Guess that kind of confirms exclusivity. Last Remnant was the Square game I was thinking of. Not sure why I get those mixed up all the time.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3904d ago

I was going to buy X360 for this game. Guess I'll pass.