Rockstar destined for a fall with Grand Theft Auto IV?

Tired and washed up. Ugly and unappealing. Formulaic and uninspired. Or... Landmark and innovative. Gritty and realistic. Groundbreaking and killer app. Which description will best fit GTA IV when it (finally) arrives on next-gen consoles? On the strength of its latest trailer, the jury is out.

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Danja3792d ago

The game is a long way off and Rockstar isn't even talkig much about the game nor what they have done new gameplay wise...

GTA4 will be as big as all the other GTA games....i'll be pre-ordering this next year...i'll judge it for myself..!!

ruibing3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Good call. The thing I would really like to see with this sequel is some depth to the main character. I mean for every previous release, there doesn't seem to be much remorse or anything from the protagonist on the escalating violence. This time however is a man searching for his own American dream after being tired of the conflicts back home, but he finds the same exact thing awaiting him on these shores. So now, we have a scenario that can make the protagonist choose between peaceful obscurity and tainted fame. I don't doubt the mass media will protray this one as controversial, but I hope Rockstar manages to provide some solid modern themes to the plot.

sonarus3792d ago

personally am not that impressed with GTA4. gta was never about graphics was all bout beign able to do whatever you wanted too and for this sole reason i'll be getting gta4.

PirateThom3792d ago

It'll sell, no doubt, but like Madden, every iteration is becoming more of the same with a few tiny extras.

The last trailer didn't impress me, the character and textures need so much work.

dhammalama3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

This will be the first game to showcase the euphoria and endorphine engines. The realistic physical characteristics they give the characters and materials in the game are going to be incredible. Even if it doesn't look photo-realistic it's going to be insane. Metal dents and bends, wood flexes, splinters and breaks in two, glass spiderwebs and then shatters, ice cracks with weight, gels are, well, jelly-like. We have no idea how deep the destruction can go either. I think this game is going to provide endless hours of pointless fun, just like all the others in the series.

Digital Molecular Matter!! That's what they call it. They haven't announced it but it's in this game. Watch the trailers, you'll see it happen. Digital Molecular Matter.

Shaka2K63792d ago

And its all xbug 360 fault.

but i dont think it will fail,

GTA-SA is one of the best selling games of all time.

Saint Sony3792d ago

Yeah it's xbox360 fault because it does not have the blu-ray to save the every single texture multiple times. Well you're lucky, your PS3 version has filled the blu-ray just because of that.

So no worries, blu-ray is needed with ps3 version, even though it looks exactly same or worse.

Kareshi_X3792d ago (Edited 3792d ago )

Shaka Dude Seriously What The Hell Are You talking About?? Do you Got Somekind of Playstation Dildo Stuck in Your Ass or Sumthing?
Every thing you Talk about is Anti-360 Just Shut Up About it because you Sound Retarded.

Now About GT4, The Game As Really Changed From the Earlier Ones.It Looks more like a Tru-crime Game For Some Reason,But Still Im Pretty Sure The game Will Sell alot its GTA4 for Gods Sake.

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The story is too old to be commented.