Next-Gen DVDs: Advantage, Sony

Sony-led backers of Blu-ray seem to have pulled ahead of rivals in the race for a single high-def DVD standard.

It's a fight with more plot twists and intrigue than a Hollywood thriller. For two years now, rival camps have been battling over which new DVD format will prevail: Blu-ray, which is backed by Sony (SNE) and a consortium of 170 other companies, or HD DVD, which is being championed by Toshiba (TOSBF), Microsoft (MSFT), and others. Both technologies promise crisper video that looks better on the new generation of flat-panel, high-definition TVs. And the winner stands to control a lucrative new market worth billions. Each side has been competing to win the backing of the major movie studios. Only Warner Bros. (TWX), which currently uses both formats, is still playing hard to get.

Now, with the Jan. 7 International Consumer Electronics Show fast approaching, Sony and Toshiba are keen to announce they have won over Hollywood's last holdout. In the meantime, they are falling over themselves to woo Warner. While either side could prevail, the Sony group has suddenly emerged as the front-runner.

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Bladestar3944d ago

is this why Samsung released a HD DVD/Blu-ray drive?

felman873944d ago

not to mention, those dual players are expensive. Cheaper to just buy the two seperate.

jiggyjay3944d ago

All because of the trojan hourse they call the PS3!

marinelife93944d ago

A couple of notable quotes from the article.

>>"The rumor is that Warner is coming aboard soon," says Michael Burns, vice-chairman of studio Lionsgate (LGF), which makes its movies available on the Sony-backed format. "That will make it awfully tough for HD DVD to stay in this game."<<

>>Warner isn't talking, but people close to the situation say the studio is waiting to see which group sells more of the new-fangled DVD players this holiday season. "Warner wants one of the two sides to make a commitment to getting this format into as many hands as possible," says a studio executive with knowledge of its thinking.<<

Toshiba better tap Microsoft again about another big payoff. I don't think Warner wants to add to the confusion but everybody has a price.

If Warner goes Blu how long before Paramount folds?

Danja3944d ago

or Samsung is just hoping that ppl will buy there dual players in hopes of ppl trying to play it safe...HD-DVD is gone to the dogs ..get over it

im sure those HD-DVD owners are bored of Transfomers by now...!

Blu Ray FTW.!!!.>> RED IS DEAD..-_-

Close_Second3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

...replay value as Spiderman 3 or Pirates of the Caribbean 3. Average is average regardless of the number of pixels.

Me, I'm not going near either format until there is but one and I don't see that happening untill all movie studios are backing one or the other.

xplosneer3944d ago

I don't care. I want to watch all the movies in high def now. Preferably it would be Blu Ray because I already own one but as long as one wins I'm good.

unlimited3944d ago

Blu-Ray up for the win!! Im going to get superbad and the simpson movie..i been playing call of duty 4 like crazy and other gamess..just finshed downlaodin wild arms ..

Antiomo3944d ago

How many of these Hd-dvd owners also own blu-ray. aka Neutral players

Then see how many are dedicated hd-dvd movie watches vs dedicated blu-ray watchers.

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