The PLAYSTATION 3 Holiday Guide 2007

onAXIS: "Ho-ho-ho, and happy holidays fellow onAXIS readers. It's that time of year again, and whether yor celebrating Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, your bound to be buying some gamer a present, or possibly your self (if your greedy)."

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felman873733d ago

2 of those games haven't even been released yet

Barreldragon003733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

If the games would have came out any earlier i wouldn't have been pashint (spell check) enough to wait.

Also i think that they should add two more to the list Ratchet and Clank: TOD, and Call of Duty 4. then it would be perfect.

americanGTA3733d ago

seriously, no COD4, no rock band... wtf

ruibing3733d ago

It's just personal preference of whoever wrote it. But I agree Rock Band should be on there, so it's not going to be easy getting one now.

unsunghero283733d ago

Uncharted and Warhawk are more my cup of tea than either Orange Box or UT3... I feel that because they're PS3 exclusive those are the titles that will really show off the impressiveness of the system than anything else on the list.

Also, why no COD4 or R&C or Rock Band?

Slayer OP3733d ago

COD 4 is lame (5 hours single player? Come on now.) Rock band is sold out everywhere and i dont know why rachet isnt there. Maybe it was #6

P4KY B3733d ago

The song at the end of portal contains the line "we're releasing on time"
Don't you just love the irony

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