VG Chartz: Software and Hardware Expectations for NPD November

Next week, NPD will release its sales data for the four-week period of November 4th to December 1st, 2007. Here are the cumulative figures of VG Chartz for the USA and Canada over the four weeks of November:

• DS: 1,578,957
• Wii: 1,157,936
• 360: 881,881
• PS2: 547,176
• PSP: 520,502
• PS3: 488,149
• GBA: 124,010

If NPD data falls within 10 percent of VG Chartz figures, here are the ranges to expect:

• DS: 1,421,061 - 1,736,853
• Wii: 1,042,142 - 1,273,730
• 360: 793,693 - 970,069
• PS2: 492,458 - 601,894
• PSP: 468,452 - 572,552
• PS3: 439,334 - 536,964
• GBA: 111,609 - 136,411

Lastly, here are the top ten games (excluding bundled games) for the four week period:

1. Super Mario Galaxy (Wii): 1,294,896
2. Call of Duty 4 (Xbox 360): 978,669
3. Assassin's Creed (Xbox 360): 821,895
4. Guitar Hero III (PS2): 500,312
5. Wii Play (Wii): 446,219
6. Call of Duty 4 (PS3): 414,716
7. WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008 (PS2): 411,115
8. Guitar Hero III (Xbox 360): 409,477
9. Assassin's Creed (PS3): 363,044
10. Guitar Hero III (Wii): 351,006

These numbers represent units sold. The full article also includes the editor's notes plus his personal previous and updated predictions.

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xg-ei8ht3760d ago

Incorrect identification, I am not falcon, falcon is dead.

wiizy3760d ago

wii on top. thats all i really care for.. ps3 will not even be in it this generation

HarryEtTubMan3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Moron this isn't Europe or Japan.... where the PS3 is selling best for now.

Enjoy this while you have won't stay like this forever.

It still is the brand new system.... and people like Meus Reistance want to say.... well if the PS3 doesnt catch up in 2008...they lose....that is SUCH an immature comment. What about the 8 years PS3 will be out after that? Do u honestly think sales wil stay like this in the U.S.? Don't u also realize its already selling muhc better in Japn and Europe. You might THINK your smart and understand the industry but SONY WILL MAKE THEIR MONEY. They put Blu Ray and the Cell for a reason. The console was is not over until the PS3 stops selling. It doesn't lose just because its only been out a year and people are waiting haha. Which ever console sales the most, worldwide in the end wins....if the PS3 loses then.... well it loses. But I have a very strong feeling that won't be the case at all.

Fighter3760d ago

I wonder if they will ever release the worldwide totals for each system by the end of this year. That would be inteesting but the DS will still be the winner followed by the Wii.

gamesblow3760d ago

Sony under preformed in America, that's for sure. they should've hit alteast 500,000 "and maybe then did" but still... at nearly 400,000 less than the opposition they're in direct combat with... That's not good. Are Sony's sales strong enough in Japan and Europe to sustain their life in America? I don't think so.

Sony's game sales are at an all time low. Big games like R&CFTD has only sold 300, 000 ... Uncharted is at a ta dover 200,000 These are not good numbers for big games.

It's people telling Sony something. I'm skeptical of the whole mess all over again. We sold Ps3's by the truck load last month, I thought that was indicative of the rest of America... I was wrong.

sony is in major trouble in the videogame market... It's a good thing they have blu-ray to fall back on. "shakes head"

Bladestar3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

well.. I'm glad you are starting to see the light. It's not about hating on Sony; but about the ability that some of us have to be able to tell when Sony *&^@# things up. I knew adding stupid blu-ray into the PS3 was going to hurt the playstation, many of us knew this was going to happen the moment they announced it. The convination of price, developer complexity, delays, widen too much your target audience, and what competitors are doing is a recipe for disaster.

Sony is trying hard not to let the PS3 die now... what if they never dropped the price? what if they never created the new SKU? these are things that Sony is being forced to do in order to keep the PS3 walking... but as you can see (even in Japan) how the new SKU and price effect is starting to slow down (again)... PS3 went from 50K+ to 30K+... the question Sony is probably asking themselves is, "Now what?"
obviously no more price drop... how long can they hang in there before the games that can actually help the PS3 arrive? games like Metal Gear and final fantasy... come on... even SOny fanboys are surprised at how bad games like R&C and Uncharted are selling... game that were suppost to sell like hot cakes...

I always knew it... Adding blu-ray intot he PS3 could only benefit blu-ray and hurt the PS3... so far I'm right... Sony sacrified the playstation brand over a format war... I hope they're happy now... this is why the day they announced blu-ray for the PS3, then price and delays... I Jump in. as of today it seems as I did the right thing...

EZCheez3760d ago

Sony has lost their image in the U.S. as far as videogames go. Nowadays, when AVERAGE people think of a gaming console, the PS3 probably isn't the first thing to pop into their mind. That wasn't the case two years ago.

Saying the words "Xbox" and "360" and "Wii" have become synonymous with gaming, in fact in the U.S. just as much and more than "Playstation." This has a lot to do with coming out a year earlier with some big hits, AND of course the juggernaut that is Halo 3. And the Wii, well, it's just the Wii. I don't even know what to say about that thing.

Sony is missing one thing. That hook that pulls not only the fanboy and average gamer in, but shows EVERYONE that a PS3 is worth owning. It won't matter how great the PS3 is, how many games it has, and how many features it has. The PS3 will continue to be outsold for a long time until it shows everyone "THAT ONE GAME." Until the PS3 scores it's Halo 3, it's going to be like this for a while.

But failure? They are in roughing it, but just remember back to about half a year ago when they were selling about 70,000 a month in the U.S. They have covered a LOT of ground and they aren't done yet.

And Bladestar, I fully disagree with you about Blu-Ray. I think it's one of the best things Sony did, trojan horse or not, with the PS3. And I fully believe that because I haven't heard anyone say they're having problems fitting their game onto a Blu-Ray disc. This might not be an issue for all games because you could have multiple DVD's, but games like GTA4 and it sequels won't fair so well with DVD.

LanRanger3760d ago

The additional storage capacity does have benefits, but its inclusion caused the console to be delayed and overpriced. Larger games on multiple discs could have still been supported by installing content to the hard drive (which is why Microsoft screwed up by not making hard drives standard equipment).

If Sony eventually benefits from the inclusion of Blu-ray it will only be because it win the format war and not have anything to do with gaming.

Mr Marbles3760d ago

of you are correct, but keep in mind the PS3 will probably never actually die, worse case scenareo we will see a PS3 with only its current exclusives, no new ones, and it will continue to get most 3rd party games but they will be late or delayed. We may see the occasional 3rd party title skip the PS3, and we may see a few exclusives go to wii and 360 only, but for the most part things should look just as they do now and just never get better. This is a worse case scenario keep in mind.

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