12 Days of Xbox Deals revealed, Bastion half price today

Microsoft has announced the full line-up of games, add-ons and avatar items included in its 12 Days Of Xbox Deals promotion.

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Yi-Long2343d ago

... thus downloading it right now.

That list is a bit disappointing though. I might pick up Renegade Ops for 600MSP, but that's pretty much it.

dirthurts2343d ago

Great game actually. I have really enjoyed it. The narration is great too.

maawdawg2343d ago (Edited 2343d ago )

I have been waiting for an XBL sale on Bastion, it has been on sale on Steam a ton already but this is one game I really wanted to play on console. I got to play it a bit at PAX East last year and really liked it. It is a wonder I held off this long to buy it, I guess it is because I have had so many other gaming options.

shotgunshine2343d ago

Yup. I have been wanting to get this game for a while now but was holding off for a sale since there are plenty of other games keeping me busy. This is too good to pass up though. Getting it right now.

Yi-Long2343d ago

... which is the case for most XBLA games I'm interested in. 800MSP still counts as an impulse buy for me, but at 1200MSP, I usually can wait for a sale.

maawdawg2343d ago

I grab some games for $15 if I am looking for something to play. I don't regret spending that on Dungeon Defenders or Space Pirates and Zombies on Steam at all, even though both have been on sale for <$4 since. For some reason I just felt like waiting out the sale on this one and really wanted to play it on 360.

I fully expect this will only be the first of many deal purchases between the crazy Steam Christmas sale and whatever comes up the next 11 days on Live.

Captain Tuttle2343d ago

Great deal on Bastion and Peggle.

TheOtherTheoG2342d ago

Oh, by the way, Bastion, BUY IT!