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Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Review [Capsule Computers]

Check out Capsule Computers review of Battlefield 3: Back To Karkand, the first downloadable content for the massive first person shooter. (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 4/10

masterabbott  +   1222d ago
Looks like its bcack to CRAPLAND... thanks for the heads up wont be picking this one up thats for sure
Hufandpuf  +   1221d ago
I got it for free but it's your loss buddy. the B2K maps are the best maps out of all the bf3 maps. And the reviewer was VERY wrong to say veteran players were shafted. The old maps are THE BEST in the franchise and they look drastically different from their original counterpart, watch a comparison video. It was a godsend this expansion came out. The base maps to BF3 were horrible, but these maps brought back the spark that makes BF so amazing. But if you didn't buy BF3 new, then its your loss and no one cares that you take an opinion from an unknown site. I got it free and i'd glady pay $15 if it came to it.
Yi-Long  +   1221d ago
I agree... B2K is GREAT!

The STANDARD maps that came with Battlefield 3 were largely very poor/mediocre, lacking that true Battlefield feeling.

I'm glad I bought the LE which meant I got the B2K maps for free. Not sure if I'd still be playing the game if those maps hadn't been free and I was just stuck on those BF3 maps.

It's kinda disappointing that BF3 was released with such poor MP maps and a horrible SP. I really feel it affected many people's opinions about the game, but with the new B2K maps it's just a great experience being online. :)

I really hope future mappacks will be as good as this one, but considering DICE released BF3 with such poor maps, I'm a bit skeptical.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1221d ago
The base maps are not horrible. But yes, the B2K maps are great and a very welcome expansion.
BlackTar187  +   1221d ago
yea the base maps horrible? i don't think so
Yi-Long  +   1221d ago
I felt they were very disappointing...
... especially the smaller maps like Metro and Seine Crossing, which seem much more aimed at CoD players than for Battlefield fans.

I play BF games for the freedom they provide me, yet those maps are very straightforward in how you play them and meet your objectives (sadly), so I didn't like that.

I wish Dice would have just included 9 proper Battlefield maps in the game, and then, if they wanted to go after that CoD crowd, maybe they should have just released an expension with those smaller maps, aimed at those players who enjoy that enclosed combat.
BlackTar187  +   1220d ago
'especially the smaller maps like Metro and Seine Crossing, which seem much more aimed at CoD players than for Battlefield fans. "

Totally agree I think we pretty much agree here i still like those maps but i totally see what your saying
Pandamobile  +   1221d ago
The reviewer is retarded. He doesn't give any real reasons why it's not worth it. He just says that they will be familiar to BF2 vets.

As a BF2 vet, I can definitely say that these maps are WAY better than the stock BF3 maps. Besides the nostalgia factor, they're just plain better designed and more fun to play.

You won't even recognize Strike at Karkand towards the end of a thousand ticket Conquest Assault game. It's unbelievable.
2pacalypsenow  +   1220d ago
since you prob a COD fan your very familiar with crap
goshawker  +   1221d ago
ian72  +   1221d ago
Back to Karkand DLC is at least 9/10 for me. Maps are fantastic, more guns and different vehicles. It is also free DLC with Limited Ed game, which was same price as normal ed here in UK at TESCO.
Loving this game, really happy with it.
SJPFTW  +   1221d ago
LOL yet gives COD DLC's an 8.5.

suicidalblues  +   1221d ago
Are you surprised? It's a no name site looking for hits.

On topic, b2k is a friggin' awesome pack. The guns are varied and the maps are a blast.
brettyd  +   1221d ago
haha wow, the new maps are the best maps in the game. Can't get enough Wake Island.
peeps  +   1221d ago
1) I've played every BF games except for 2142 so would class myself as a 'BF vet' and I love this dlc

2) Even if they're old maps they are still very fun to play and the best maps in BF3 imo

3) They're free providing you bought the limited edition, which cost the same as the standard edition anyway. And what I find interesting is you seem to suggest only new players to the series will like this dlc, but 'veterans' of the series most likely bought the limited edition at launch and thus got this dlc for free anyway...

oh and you can't exactly use the argument that if you didn't buy BF3 at launch you have to pay for the maps because: http://www.play.com/Games/P...

So if anything the only people paying for B2K will be in the extreme minority
BattleTorn  +   1213d ago
I'm not a BF-vet and I think they are by far the best 4 maps availible
xruiner89  +   1221d ago
This reviewer has a reputation of being a joke, no one takes them seriously.
seanpitt23  +   1221d ago
This review is a joke and dont trust it the maps are awesome like this game.
slampunk  +   1220d ago
WTF....4 great maps, 10 new weapons, new vehicles and a new game mode......
Lets all cross this website off the list... even if you don't like the B2K expansion, it's certainly not a 4/10....pathetic reviewer / pathetic site....
2pacalypsenow  +   1220d ago
lol and they gave Black ops DLC an 8.5 lol

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