Gerstmanngate: Out With The Bold - In With The Nude

Via Ripten:

"Chad: Ok, we are going to discuss the firing of Gerstmann from GameSpot….go ahead young Padawan and explain your theory

Wade: The problem I see with "Gerstmanngate" is that there is a lot of speculation but little in the way of hard facts. Gerstmann was of course fired shortly after his negative review of Kane and Lynch, and everyone is suddenly assuming that the review cost him his job. We will likely never know what went on behind the scenes at GameSpot leading up to Gerstmann's firing. GameSpot's statement that the firing was a result of internal review is just as likely as the idea that he was fired for his review. Everyone loves a scandal and no one likes "the man," so it's only natural that so many people would jump to conclusions, but the bottom line is we just don't know the facts.

Chad: I wonder if Gerstmann plastered himself with GameSpot advertising before he had his internal review? I am poking fun at this because you are right, there will be no hard facts. But the bottom line is companies like IGN and GameSpot – companies in general – are not in the business of losing money and hiring people who blatantly rip into games, games created by companies whose advertising dollars fund the site are not going to be taken lightly. This is why I firmly believe that his review. And furthermore his attitude towards the "corporate beast," had everything to do with his firing. They are one in the same."

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techie3792d ago

Hahaha...that picture is TOO funny.

Nostradavis3792d ago

Funny? Isn't that what he really looks like?

TriggerHappy3792d ago

Did they manage to get someone else to fill up this guys position ?