High Velocity Bowling: Better Than Wii Bowling? (Review)

Coming from Team Ramrod (hi, Super Troopers reference), this game of ten-pin features waggle, online leaderboards, and, wait a tic… custom soundtracks using an in-game XMB! Sure, it all sounds a lot like Wii Sports, but will it make Grandma Bessie want a Playstation 3 for Christmas?

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riqued3945d ago

Thats a surprise, I thought the motion control would suck...
Nice review.

belfastga3945d ago

No, it works very well. More natural. Then again, part of the appeal of bowling in Wii Sports might've been how easy it was to pull off spin. It takes a bit more practice to do so in High Velocity, just like it would with a real bowling ball.

So yeah, in terms of raw mechanics, it beats the pants off of using a Wiimote.

pwnsause3945d ago

thanks for telling me this, im downloading this now.

the worst3945d ago (Edited 3945d ago )

its sweet
load up your songs
and play them in game

Delive3944d ago

Something about the pic of Mr. T pointing and "SOLD!" next to it got a giggle out of me.

By the way. I bought, I played, I liked. More of a learning curve than Wii Sports, so it may not be as accessable to the "Non-gamer" crowd. I'll see if Mom likes this one.

jackdoe3945d ago

Paying for a bowling game is not something I would ever consider doing.

belfastga3945d ago

Back in the days before motion controls, I'd agree, but they're the one thing that could actually make a bowling game *fun.* And honestly, you're paying as much for High Velocity as it'd probably cost to rent a pair of shoes at some bowling alleys these days.

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The story is too old to be commented.