Chat with Flagship on Bugs and Subscriptions

This is a more interesting dev chat than it sounds like. Sure, it isn't Bill Roper, or Max Schaefer, but David Glenn (Art Director for Flagship Studios) talks more about the launch, bugs and subscriptions than art! Among other things, the suspicions Hellgate: IncGamers mentioned two days ago, about Flagship wanting to polish the game more before release, seems to be concistent with David as well as Bill. Apparently, he even has to hold back, as to not be seen as bashing the publishers.

"Trying not to overtly bash their publishers, David mentioned that many of the initial problems with the game's release stemmed back to some elements of marketing - and development - being rushed. Most of the major dramas were fixed with a Day 1 "Patch 0", but this of course came out on the day of release, leaving many game reviewers and media types in the lurch, with unpatched preview copies... of course, unfortunately, that came through in the media coverage".

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Leord3944d ago

I think its funny that they denied it so fervently at launch that they were pressed, but a pair of months after release, frustrations seems to come to the surface and, in so many words, they seems to admit to it.