Robot developed using Microsoft software

Microsoft introduced their first software program designed to program movements and other applications for robots, Microsoft Robotics Studio, in December of last year.

ZMP's "e nuvo WALK" is the first biped device to run on this software.

The 14-inch-tall, 5.5-pound robot was demonstrated last Thursday taking a few steps and kicking a small ball. The demonstrator did all this using the controller from an Xbox 360.

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rofldings3729d ago

Two days later, hackers find a huge security hole that allows them to gain control of the robot's movements. Robot eventually ends up killing 327 people.

Thanks a lot Microsoft.

Gordii3728d ago

I wonder if they put a RROD on it :D

mighty_douche3728d ago

Wonder if they'll teach it to talk spam over Live.

Lord Cheese3728d ago

dont think thats possible - most of the morons that spoil live are the product of cousins marrying, so unless that robot was born of some VERY bad experiments i think we're bang out of luck on that one...

mighty_douche3728d ago

^^damn it. another dream crushed :/

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