Dad sells delinquant son's Guitar Hero 3 on ebay

Here's one unhappy father. After trying all sorts of stores, he managed to get a rare copy of Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, only to find his son smoking a joint.

What's a father to do? Sell his son's Christmas present, of course!

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beoulve3426d ago

I would do the same too.... If he want to smoke pot, wait until he is working. Ain't gonna let him use my money to smoke pot.

rofldings3426d ago

eh, wii version - I don't think he's missing out on much. mono sound, ftl.

cooke153426d ago

activision is giving out replacement discs.

Spinitus3426d ago

i would do the same and also an ass whooping with my belt.

somethingSQUISHY3426d ago

If anyone believes this story, please look deep within yourselves for a few seconds. If he really wanted to stick it to his son, he could easily have returned the game and showed the kid the receipt. But why would someone do that when it's now very well known interesting stories for items on eBay greatly inflate the auction prices? Unbelievable.

BrotherNick3425d ago

Haha, the game is always sold out for the wii still...why the hell would he bring it back when he can make big bucks? 200 dollars is good compared to getting your money back...about 80.

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Hydrollex3426d ago

Nice looking dude. I smell you are the next 500$ owner

PS3PCFTW3425d ago

hmmmmmm smells like haze

Relcom3426d ago

He roughed him up a little too.

cheetorb3426d ago

Does it come with the joint?

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The story is too old to be commented.