Simple 2000: The Japanese Hardware Chart: Revenge of Wii Fit

Last week's hardware numbers from Media Create showed that the Wii was back on track to regaining first place in the console races, having suffered displacement from a cheaper, Shin Sangoku Musou 5-equipped PlayStation 3. Now that Wii Fit's arrived, Nintendo is back in the lead. For the period between November 26th and December 2nd, the company sold more than it has on a weekly basis since July.

Nintendo DS Lite - 124,591
Wii - 74,764
PSP - 74,626
PlayStation 3 - 37,092
PlayStation 2 - 13,703
Xbox 360 - 6,632

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beoulve3906d ago

let the war begin. Wii fit FTW....

Rikitatsu3906d ago


ElementX3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Sure it is. Developers are happy if they sell 500k copies of a game and that can be reached without the help of Japan.

Bladestar3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Hundreds of xbox 360 games after... and hundreds of more games comming... xbox 360 games selling selling like crazy and always on the top 10... and you still talking about consoles needing Japan to exists? right... keep telling that to yourself... as if todays top games are from Japan... bioshock, Gears, COD4 just to name a few... not japanese games... and people seem to love them.... 2 years in the market and though many Japanese developers do not fully support the xbox 360 like Kojima and square... the xbox 360 is still standing...

ohh yeah.. and by the way.. did you noticed how much the PS3 sells is dropping in japan every week? 50K+ and now 37K+ probably will endup on the 15K soon again...

razer3906d ago

Well, it's not going to beat the Wii thats for sure but as far as beating Sony IT IS WINNING THAT CONSOLE WAR and yes WITHOUT JAPAN!

(the year head start was the difference)

HarryEtTubMan3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

haha you guys act like 360 is outselling the PS3 world wide... its not. The 360 isnt winning the console war.... we will see who wins the console war when the PS3 stops selling hhahaahaaaaa

@ 5: hahaha look at Razer get owned like a little BIOTCH

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Hydrollex3906d ago

Who ever disagree me is a dummA$$. Wii > PS3 > Xbox 360 (Sales) in Japan and most countries.

ElementX3906d ago (Edited 3906d ago )

Go back to school, inner city dweller. Get a good education and learn grammar. It might help you get a decent job.

Let me guess, you listen to hip hop like half the people in here and act all cool but you're just another creep. Grow up, quit calling people names, and don't act like such an @ss. There's no need to be negative.

pwnsause3906d ago

He doesnt need too, city dwellers are more open minded, they know the world doesnt revolve around the US.

cooke153906d ago

was there any doubt wii wouldnt come back? PS3 on top for 3 weeks and ps3 fanboys have a hay day.

Danja3906d ago

Everyone knew that the Wii would eventually outsell the PS3 again..but next year Nintendo will have to get use to 2nd place cuz the PS3 is coming with avengance and the Wii will just have to take the back seat like it did in November..!!

razer3906d ago

Can we just not list the 360 in these Japanese charts any longer?? It's just too damn embarrassing.. It's not like MS isn't trying to appeal to .jp but there is no love in return. Why haven't MS fired their entire Japanese marketing dept. they obviously are not improving like one would expect. It has sold more than the original Xbox so that is a start, but sub 10k is not worth the trouble.

kevin11223906d ago

who is this embarrassing to, you or Microsoft. If it's you, you have some issues which a shrink might be able to help you with. And if it's Microsoft, who the fluck cares. maybe it is hurting the 360's feelings, even tho its a toy.

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