PS3 Bowling Supports Custom Soundtracks, TimeShift Adds In-Game Messaging


"Right, this is strange. The day after my rant about the PS3 not needing an in-game XMB, we get two things on the Playstation Store that ironically address the themes of discussion. High Velocity Bowling supports custom soundtracks, and the TimeShift demo allows you to bring up your friends list and read your messages." Have a look at the images.

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xplosneer3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

wah wah wah....

Burn. That is pretty Ironic.

Edit: The keyboard takes 20-30MB? Man reduce that to 5 and we got something.

techie3881d ago

Yeah it's the predictive text...or something!

Bonsai12143881d ago

turn off the predictive text and we're all good. (at least thats what i'm guessing is the memory hog) with a qwerty onscreen keyboard, i have no problems typing in full sentences. or you can just use a wireless or wired keyboard

razer3881d ago

It's a shame I don't keep my gigs of music on my PS3 so kinda useless for me.

Disappointing that they didn't actually say if this bowling game is good or garbage!!!! Why can't the PS3 have demos for all these titles like the 360.. oh well, not buying it until I hear how well the Sixaxxis works. Anybody try yet?

sheng long3881d ago

I tried it and i liked it quite a bit. It takes a couple of tries to get the controls down, but afterwards it's a lot of fun. I can see people getting addicted to this game.
the game shows you how to grip the control. the only thing is, i thought it was online, and it even has a disclaimer saying game experience may change during online play.
Also, it's no longer available to download on PSN. Maybe they're integrating the online component?

This game is worth the $9.99 for sure.

beast3881d ago

The game is still on PSN. Its just that once u download any demo or games from PSN the choices are taken out so u dont buy /download the same game twice.

rofldings3881d ago

Can't you just setup a media server on your PC and share the music on there - and just access it ingame XMB via the music tab?

belfastga3881d ago

Check again. Ripten has it reviewed in a separate article. ;)

razer3881d ago

All I wanted to hear is 1 good comment about it, not going to take much to convince me to drop $9.99 on it. Buying it now!

@4.3 - In this article it states that you can only play music from the local HDD. I guess I could copy some tunes down temporarily to the HDD on the PS3 and use it. I think it would be cool to have custom music for bowling with some friends.

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games4fun3881d ago

its only a matter of time, dont worry though someone will make up something else to complain about and the flame wars will never cease

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